Summer Challenge Day 16: Recreate Your Favourite Manicure!

First I have to share this with you. Today Slovenia won her first medal in London on Olympic Games and it was gold. Urška Žolnir won it in Judo. Congrats Urška. You deserve it. :)  Now let's go to nail art.

It's the last day of July and it's the last day od Summer Challenge. It was fun month, full of interesting tasks and manicures. In between I've lost a bit my nail art mojo, I didn't know, what to do for some tasks and I did some nail arts, I wasn't satisfied with them. Now, that's the end, I can go back with my regular blogging without thinking, what I'm going to do for the next task. It's was fun, but I need a rest from challenges now.

Today's task was to recreate your favourite manicure from someone else. I knew from the day 3, that I'm going to do  waves, that Kaki did for her favourite summer song. The nail art was just amazing and I wanted to try it. And as you can see, I wasn't really successful. She made it so amazing and mine is just meh.

The polishes I used are: H&M Blue, Essence Underwater, Essence Pool Party, Deborah Milano Pret A Porter Statdust and Essence Stamp Me! White.

So this is my last manicure for Summer Challenge. Check out here all the manicures, we did for this challenge.

Summer Challenge Day 15: Sea/Ocean

This post should actually be a yesterday's post, but I didn't had time to do this nail art yesterday, so I'm publishing it today. This time the theme was sea or ocean and I decided to do the sea underworld. I really like how this manicure looks, it turned out like I had it in my head. I did smudged the octopus in the end with my top coat, but this is tipical for me, when it comes to nail art.

I used a whole bunch of nail polishes and all were from Essence: BBC Splash  Refresh (base color), Fall For Me (gradient), Bella (algae), Totally Retro Nude (sand), No Better Way To Sky (octipus), Off To Miami! (seastar), Peach Beauty (seastar), Romeo (fish), Stamp Me!White and Stamp Me!Black.

I hope, you like it. Here you can see all the manicures, we did for this challenge till now.

Swatches and Review: Avon Nail Polishes

Today I have for you swatches of 3 Avon nail polishes from my stash. My first impression of these polishes was very good. They have good formula, are very easy to apply and my experience is, that they also last quite long. The brush is flat and a bit longer. They're available in Avon catalogue. You can search for the prices there. I bought them, when there was action - I got 2 Nailwer Pro+ polishes for the price of one. One bottle contains 12 ml of products.

Nailwear Pro+ Sea Breeze is a bright green creme shade. The application was good, although this one has a bit watery formula. I had to apply 3 coats, because after 2 it still looked uneven.

Nailwear Pro+ Coral Reef it's not truly a coral color, but it's more pinkish with a hint of coral. The finish is creme. This one has pretty nice formula and it was opaque in 2 coats. I was also really impressed with lasting - I wore it for 4 days with minimal tip wear. That's a lot for me, because I usually change my manicure every second day or even every day, depends on the mood. The base I use under was Essence Studio Nails Nail Fixing System. 

Nailwear Pro Aqua Fantasy is my favourite from these 3. It's a gorgeous minty shimmery shade. Application was flawless and it was opaque in 2 coats.

I also made quick comparison between Sea Breeze and Aqua Fantasy, because they look very similar in the bottle. As you can see, there's a big difference between them. Aqua Fantasy is shimmery and minty and Sea Breeze is more green and has no shimmer in it. 

I love those polishes and I'll get them more, if there will be any interesting color.

What do you think about Avon polishes? Do you have any of them?

Summer Challenge Day 14: Swimsuits

Another post today and this time I'm publishing my manicure for today's task in Summer Challenge. The theme was swimsuits. I decided to do holo bikinis, but I messed something up and instead of red holo Catherine Arley 800 I took red shimmery Catherine Arley 923 shade. 

Without TC.
Other polishes I used (all holo) are Color Club Wild At Heart, Nfu Oh 65 and Depend 2036. I took photos without and with top coat to see, if there's going to be any difference in holo effect (if TC will kill holo effect a bit), but there isn't any difference. Holo effect is strong with TC too.

With TC.

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Review and Swatches: Essence Miami Roller Girl Dates On Skates blush

Today I have for you swatches of a blush from Essence Miami Roller Girls TE. It's called Dates on the Skates. This blush is amazing and crazy pigmented, it's the most pigmented Essence product I've ever tried. It's an ombre blush. The colors go from orange and coral to pink. It looks just amazing.

Here are the swatches of each color on it's own. The good thing is, that you can use each color on it's own. The texture of this blush is pretty soft and the blush is matte. Application is very easy. It's enough one coat with a brush to get a nice and intensive look on your cheaks. I tryied two coats too and it was too much. So my advice is to use a little amount of product and then you can't build it, if you want. If you're going to have too much product on the brush, you can't quickly get too intensive look and you're going to look strange with all that blush on your cheaks. The only thing, that bothers me it's crumbly and you waste too much product with one usage, but it's big and you can learn how to handle this and then it's not a problem anymore. The packaging isn't any special, it's plastic and it has silver inscription.

This is how they look all mixed together. It's a nice coral color. 

And this is how the blush looks on me.

The packaging contains 8 g and it costs 3,49 €. This is a good price for this product and I totally recommend you to get it. 

What do you think about this blush? Did you get it or are you getting it? What about other products from Miami Roller TE, is there anything interested for you?

Summer Challenge Day 13: Dolphins (Cling Wrap Manicure)

The time is passing by so fast. Today is the 13th task in Summer Challenge. Only 3 are left and then it will ended. Wow, that came quickly. Today's theme is Dolphins/Whales or Favourite Water Animal. I decided to go with dolphins, just because I have a plate that have dolphins on it. 

I started with cling wrap manicure. This was my first attempt and I'm very satisfied with it. I love, how it looks in the end, so I'm definitely trying this again. There are more ways to do this nail art. I saw few different tutorials, but I followed this one, done by MissJenFabulous. It's very easy and quick to do. There is some clean up to do in the end, but not too much, if you are careful.

I really like how it looks. Like marble, just easier to do. As a base I used blue polish from BYS, called Royal Blue (it's a mood polish). I actually applied this in the evening one day before I did this manicure, so it was totally dry the next day in the morning. Other two polishes, I used, are China Glaze Aquadelic and Essence Fall For Me.

Because the theme was dolphins/whales or any other water animal, I decided to do stamping for this task. I used plate m71 and Essence Stamp Me! Black. I actually wanted to do only 2 dolphins on accent nail, but I didn't put them in a centre of my nail, so I just added another dolphin.

And this is how the dolphins look on my right hand and should look on my left hand too, but they don't.

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Polka Dots French

Today I have for you a manicure, that I wore during the weekend. I actually wasn't planning to take a photo of it, but in the end I loved it so much, that I had to show it to you. As a base I used Essence Oh My Glitter, one of the new Color&Go nail polishes. This is gorgeous lilac shade with purple and pink shimmer. Here it looks too blue, but I made those photos outside when it rained. It's opaque in two coats.

I wanted something more colorful on my nails than only one color, so I decided for the most simple nail art - dots. I used Essence Off to Miami and P2 Artful. I used dotting tool and placed dots of different sizes on my tips. I loved how this looked in the end and I think the color combo was perfect. I loved to wear it, but it chipped pretty fast, so I had to remove it already on the second day of wear.

What do you think, girls? Are you a fan of simple nail art's? Do you like colorful nails?

Summer Challenge Day 12: Favourite Beach Memory

Today's Summer Challenge theme is favourite beach memory. For me beach is mostly connected with sunbath, swimming, card-playing, beach balls ... There were quite few interesting memories, I had on the do the beach, but I didn't know what exactly to do. Then I saw this tutorial by Cute polish and decided to do beach balls on my nails. I didn't exactly as she did, but I wanted to try this and I though this challenge theme will be perfect for that.

The polishes I used: China Glaze Fast Track over whole nails, white from Beauty UK Urban Child set and Vollare Nail Art Polishes in 45, 124 and 133.

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Braided Nails + Tutorial

Today I have for you the manicure, I wore few days ago. I made fishtale braided nail art, but I bit diferent as I did it in this post. I used Essence Makes Me Week as a base and then Catrice Abloom and Essence Happy for braiding. I also included a tutorial, in case if you want to do it too.

Step 1: Paint you nails with your base color. You can choose what ever color you want. 
Step 2: Use nail art pen or a nail polish for this step. If you're using a nail polish, then put a drop of it on a paper and draw diagonal lines with nail art brush. Start on the top of your nail (by the cuticle) and draw a diagonal line on 2/3 of your nail. Then repeat this step from other side. Do this until you don't cover the whole nail.
Step 3: Take a color, you were drawing lines with and paint every third square with it. I was using dotting tool for this step.
Step 4: Take another color and paint the squares near the ones, you painted in step 3.
Step 5: Again use the color, you were drawing lines with, and make a line in the middle of each square, that still has only base color. Then draw little diagonal stripes on each side. I decided to leave the first and the last square with only base color, because they were small and it looked better to me that way.
Step 6: Wait for all the polishes to dry and then use a top coat to protect your design.

I'm sorry I'm not the best with explaining the tutorial, but english is not my native language and I still have problems with it. But I hope you can see from the photo, how to do this nail art.

What do you think about my nail art? Do you like it? Are you going to try it?

Summer Challenge Day 11: Sea Shells

Today's Summer Challenge theme are sea shells. The only thing I knew I'm going to do for this task is, that I'm going to use Essence Carribean Sea as a base. Then I searched for an inspiration on Google and I did that:

I'm pretty satisfied with what I did on my middle finger and pinkie. The shell on index finger could be a bit more similar to a shell, but I really didn't want to re-do it. On my ring finger I wanted to draw a starfish, but in the end I draw a star, that's not even close to a fish. That's the biggest fail I did for this manicure. 

For sea shells I used Essence Silver Surfer and China Glaze Fast Track. I like the color combination, but I'm not very sarisfied with what I did in totality. I'm slowly starting to loose my inspiration for this challenge. I hope I'll came up with good ideas for last few tasks. 

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Catrice and Essence Haul (New Color&Go Nail Polishes + Some Swatches)

Does it happen to you too, that you go in a drugstore to buy one product and you ended up with bunch of other beauty products in your shopping basket? It happens to a lot of us, I think. Yesterday I went in Müller, because I wanted to get a blush from Essence Miami Roller Girl TE and also decided to check Catrice stand for some sales, if I'm already there, and in the end I found new Essence Color&Go polishes, so I bought a lot of stuff yesterday. 

Catrice products, that are going to be discountinued, were on sale for 1,99 €, so I decided to get me their blushes, because I didn't own any before. I got 2 in Peach Sorbet and Pink Grapefruit Shake. Then it catch my eyes lipgloss in Peach Boy, so I had to get this one too.

I've tried and swatch them today and I'm very satisfied with this buy. Blushes are very pigmented and they look gorgeous on cheaks. I like these duo blushes, that means you have 3 blushes in one. Cool, ha? Also lipgloss is very pigmented and mousturizing. It's less orange on lips and it's not sticky. 

I couldn't resist not to get some of new Essence Color&Go nail polishes. There were a lot of new amazing shades, but for the beginning I got myself 6 new shades. I got Oh My Glitter!, Stuck On You, I Love Bad Boys, Walk On The Wild Site, Chic Reloaded and Off To Miami!

I made quick swatches for you. I also took a photo in the sun, so you will see a gorgeous shimmer in some of these polishes. I will swatch each of these polishes in the future. First impression is, that these polishes are very good. I didn't have any problem with application, I love the formula and also new brush (it's wider that the old one - you can see it here on Innen und Aussen). I still don't know, how long they last and if they will thicken so fast as old Color&Go nail polishes. These bottles contain more product than old ones - 8 ml. They cost 1,69 €. 

I couldn't resist and I had to put Off To Miami! on my nails. It's a gorgeous coral cream shade, opaque in 2 coats. It drys darker than it is in the bottle. That's a pity, because I really adore the color in the bottle. I didn't have any problems with application. Although it's darker on my nails, I really like to wear it. 

I immediately tied this color with golden one, so I decided to do a little upgrade and put golden glitter on my tips. I didn't do a gradient, I just used brush. I used Essence Make It Golden. This polish is not a part of new Color&Go line as some other old shades, so get it while you still can, it's gorgeous.

The blush from Essence Miami Roller TE will get it's own post. I didn't do a haul post for a long time, because I post all of my nail polish buys of certain month at the beginning of the next month, but I hope you like this post. 

Are you getting anything from Catrice discontinued products? What do you think about new Essence Color&Go nail polishes? Are you excited to get them as I was?

Summer Challenge Day 10: Tropical Drinks

Today's Summer challenge theme is tropical drinks. I was thinking a lot what to do, but then I found this photo od coctail you see and that inspired me to use those colors for today's manicure. This coctail is called Sex On The Beach. I actually didn't decide for this as inspiration because of liking this drink, but because I love those colors and I think they're perfect for summer.

First I did a gradient with red, orange, coral and peachy colors. The polishes I used are Catrice Abloom, Essence Doc, Beautyline Deluxe 2 and Essence Peaches. Then I decided to draw a glass on an accent nail. It looks more like a glass for martini, but it was easier for me to draw it that way. I used Essence My Sparkling Acrobat.I'm kinda satisfied with it, although I had a lot of clean up to do (and I didn't do it the best :().

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Review and Swatches: Catrice Ultimate Color Lipstick in 100 Lobster Love and 150 Lovely Lilac

Few days ago I saw on Catrice's Facebook, that they are discontinuing 2 Ultimate Color lipstick shades I own, so I decided to show you swatches today, so you'll easier decide, if you want to buy them before they're gone or not. Don't you just hate, that Essence and Catrice are changing their assortment so often? Once a year would be enough. And usually they discont their best products/shades.

The shades are called Lobster Love and Lovely Lilac. You can see, that they have different shape. Lobster Love has old shape and Lovely Lilac has new shape. Catrice changed it this spring, when they changed assortment. For me this shape doesn't make any difference, the application is the same with both. 

150 Lovely Lilac is a gorgeous bright purple shade and 100 Lobster Love is a coral shade without any hint of pink, which I love. They both are creamy, shinny, pigmented, easy to apply and they don't dry lips. I also love the packaging, you get 3,8 g of products for 4,19 €, but I think they're going to be on sale before they're going to change assortment, so they'll probably cost less. The only minus is, that they don't last long on lips. Well, I have different experience, Lobster Love lasted much longer on my lips that Lovely Lilac. Fist one lasted about 3 hours and the second one about 1,5-2 hours (without eating and drinking). I hope that doesn't mean, that new lipsticks have worse quality than old ones (before changing the shape).

150 Lovely Lilac and 100 Lobster Love.

I'm sorry I don't have photos of swatches on my lips, but I'm having problem with herpes, so I can't swatch them on my lips. I hope, you understand. If you're planning to buy some Catrice stuff, before they're gone, I definitely recommend you these two lipstick.

Did you try any Catrice lipstick? What do you think about them?

Summer Challenge Day 9: Favourite Summer Memory

Today it's time for summer challenge again. This time the theme is favourite summer memory. This one was hard and not hard. I mean, every summer happens something, that is unforgettable, but some things just can't be transformed on nails. As my favourite summer memory for this challenge I chosed last year's summer day, when I met my boyfriend. I was thinking hard, how to show that on my nails, but then it clicked me, that I still remember, what we were wearing (strange, I know) and decided to use my T-shirt as a inspiration. He was also wearing red T-shirt, so this is kinda similar. Here's my T-shirt. I didn't took a photo of whole T-shirt, because I wanted to show you the design on it.

So, the T-shirt has different flowers on it, so I did different flowers on my nails too. They're not exactly the same, I just did what came up to my mind. As a base I used Essence Wake Up, polish I was wearing a lot around the time I've met my darling. The white polish is Essence White Hype.

 Very simple manicure, but I kinda like it. Check out also other girls, what are their favourite memories.