Winterlicious Tag

Some time ago I watched Bethany or Macbarbie07 doing this tag (she actually created it) and I loved it, so I decided to do it myself too. I'm actually planning to do 4 tag, I just don't know, if I'll do all in December, because I don't want to bore you.

1. Favorite Winter Nail Polish?
This is a very hard question, I can't really decide for only 3 polishes. But darker colors are definitely perfect for winter. Colors like green, blue, dusky red or purple will be often on my nails. I also must mention glittery polishes. I like everything, that "blings", on my nails. Specially now in December glittery polishes make me festive.

2. Favorite Winter lip product?
Lipbalm. My lips are very dry during winter, so lipbalm is a must have product for me, it's a saviour.

3. Most worn Winter clothing piece?
I think I have to say leggins here. I wear them with my long socks and jacket from "flis" (I don't know the proper english word). Of course I wear them at home that way. They're so comfortable and warm. When it's very cold, I also wear them under my jeans, so I'm not freezing. A must have clothing in your closet, if you ask me. But we must remember, leggins are not pants as some girls think! I think you know what I mean by that.

4. Most worn Winter accessory?
Scarf. When it's cold I never go out of house without scarf. 

5. Favorite winter scent/candle?
My favourite scent for the winter is definitely cinnamon-apple. I'm having Essence cream, that smells like this and it's amazing. And I'm also buying candles with this smell, because I love my room smells like cinnamon. My other favourite smell is vanilla.But I prefer cinnamon-apple smell, it's such a warm smell.

6. Favorite Winter beverage?
Hot chocolate.

7. All time favorite Christmas/Holiday movie?
A Christmas Carol. I also like Listy do M. movie (the director is from Slovenia :D). But my December is full of Christmas movies, I love to watch everything from animated movies to love stories.

8. Favorite Christmas/Holiday song?
I actually don't have favourite Christmas song. I love to hear Christmas songs, but only like one week before Christmas, because otherwise they're getting on my nerves.

9. Favorite Holiday food/treat?
Chocolate, of course. Otherwise we don't have any special Christmas food.

10. What is your favorite Christmas Decoration this year?
I still haven't decorate anything, but usually it's a Christmas tree. I'm decorating it myself and it's red. And red is all about Christmas. :) Ok, it also has golden ornaments, but lights are red, so it looks red, when it's dark.

11. What's at the top of your Christmas list?
I haven't anthing special on my Christmas list. I do have a beauty wish list, but there are some other wishes, I wish they would realize and those can't be buy with any money, but you have to do them yourself (that means I have to realize them). 

12. What are your plans for the holidays this year?
I don't have any special plans. My father has birthday on Christmas, so we're going to celebrate it. But the most important for me is, that I'm going to spend a Christmas with my boyfried. 

I won't tag anyone special, but if you like this tag, do it, I would love to read it. If you decide to do it, send me the link to your post. Thank you for reading.