Review: Born Pretty Store 10 pcs Clear False Nail tips Art Display Practice Wheel

Some time ago Daisy from Born Pretty Store contact me and asked, if I want to do a review for them and of course I said yes. I choosed nail art wheels, because I wanted some for swatching and nail art for a long time already. The package came pretty fast, I think it needed around 2 weeks to get here. It was very good wrapped, so nothing broke.

Born Pretty Store nail wheel.

You get 10 nail wheels for 6,15$ (around 5 €). One has 20 nails. They are made from clear plastic. The plastic is pretty good. One of them already felt on the floor (I'm clumsy, what can I say) and nothing brake. They are very nice for swatching. They make polishes more matt than they really are, but that's probably the bacause of the plastic. 

Born Pretty Store nail wheel.

If I compare them to nail wheels I bought in Tedi, these are much better. Those from Tedi have little cuts or at least it looks so, when you apply polishes over nails. You can see, what I mean, here:

Nail Wheel From Tedi.

Nail wheels from Born Pretty Store are very smooth and polish doesn't look like it would had little cuts when you swatch it. You saw a nail wheel in action here already, when I made a comparison between different blue polishes. Here is a close up look. You notice the difference, right?

Born Pretty Store nail wheel.

I know that it's sound that I prefer Born Pretty Store nail wheels over the ones from Tedi, because I got these for the review, but that's not true. I really think, these are much better quality. If the Tedi ones wouldn't have those cuts, they would be great. If you need nail wheels to swatch polishes on them, these from Born Pretty Store are definitely worth to get.

Don't forget to use my code, if you're going to shop in Born Pretty Store. You get 10% off. If it's going to be used 10 times, we're going to have a giveaway. You would love to see that, wouldn't you? :)

What do you think? Thank you for reading.

*This product was send to me for review. For more information read my Disclosure Policy.

5 komentarjev

  1. Super, da si dobila cele. Jaz sem jih pred leti naročila na eBayu in dobila vsaj polovico polomljenih, heh.

    1. So bili zelo dobro zaviti, komaj sem jih odvila.

  2. oh my goodness I love all your nail designs!

  3. fora su ti nail wheelovi pogotovo kad pukne nokat ili nesto za swatchanje, ali opet nije mi to to, volim vidjet kako lak izgleda na prirodnim noktima. znam da neke rade swatcheve cijelih kolekcija koje imaju, ali meni se to ne da