Review: Balea Dark Glamour Handlotion

It's no secret, that I love Balea hand lotions. My favourite scent is Sheabutter Vanille. Few days ago I finished my last bottle of it (this year they're also selling this smell, but it's in a set with body lotion, which I don't need so I didn't get it). The bad thing about these hand lotion is, that they're always limited edition products. This winter Balea came out with new scent - Dark Glamour. Because I finished the last bottle of Sheabutter Vanille scent and my Himbeere lotion is pretty empty too I decided to try this one. I admit cute packaging also help to get it. 

A lotion comes in a bottle with a pump, which helps to control the amount of lotion you need. I usually use 2 pumps. I keep it on my table in my room. The packaging is really cute, the bottle is dark purple and it has angel wing on it. I don't understand the best ingreediends (this is not my sphere), so I added a photo of them for all of you who knows what they mean. 

The lotion is also in a purple color. It's light, not greasy and it soakes in the skin pretty fast. It mousturizes the skin very good, although if you have very dry skin it probably won't be enough mousturizing. It works great for my hand, but for my cuticles isn't enough mousturizing so I always use Lemony Flutter for them. The scent is pretty strong, a bit too strong for me. Balea describes is as a secret combination of fresh and aromatic scents. To me it is a secret scent, because I can't figure it out, on what it reminds me. I think it reminds me on one flower, but I can't remember on which. 

The price of this lotion is 2,25 € and you get 300 ml of product. You can get it in DM (Drogerie Markt). If the strong smell doesn't botter you, I would definitely recommend you to get this lotion. It's not good for wearing it with you in your bag, but it's a great product to have it at home or at your work and use it, when you feel your hands are dry.

Did you already try Dark Glamour hand lotion or any other smell? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading.