Review and Swatches: Misslyn Next Generation

In our stores is at the moment available Misslyn Future Glam limited edition collection, which is pretty interesting collection. It has interesting shades of nail polishes, lipsticks, glittery eyeliners, but to me was the most interesting duochrome eyeshadow, called Next Generation.

In the packaging it looks more pinkish-beige shade, but when applied, it gets golden sheen to it. On the photos below you can see, that this eyeshadow really is duochrome. In person it look even better, it was very hard to catch this duochrome sheen on the camera. This eyeshadow is very good pigmented and easy to apply, there aren't any fall outs. It lasts pretty long and it doesn't crease. It looks very nice on the lids, but unfortunatelly duochrome effect isn't visible that much. You can notice it, but you have to look close and you have to have your eyes closed. Otherwise this is a great eyeshadow.

I made a make up look with this eyeshadow and photograph it from different corner, but it was very hard to catch duochrome effect. It's noticeable in person, but not that much on the photos.

The price of this eyeshadow is 5,79 € in Müller drugstores and you get 3 g of product. It's a great eyeshadow, but don't expect too much from duochrome effect on the lids, because you're going to be dissapointed. 

Do you like duochrome eyeshadows? Did you get anything from Misslyn Future Glam collection? Thank you for reading.