Random Sunday #9 (with photos from Salzburg)

Hi, girls! How are you today? I'm a still little tired, because yesterday I was in Salzburg and the ride was so long. But the trip was amazing, Salzburg is such a gorgeous city. Unfortunatelly it was raining, but at least it wasn't cold. It was also a  big crowd there, which I don't like, but the city impressed me very much. I would love to go back and I hope I will some day in the future. We also went to Oberndorf, where the song Silent Night was first singed. I wanted to do a special post about Salzburg (and Oberndorf), but in the end I decided to put some photos in this post. It's a random post, so why not.

Let's start with little haul from DM today. Gosh, these random posts are always full of hauls. I finally decided to try Balea shower gel, because everyone is talking about them, how good they are, so why not to give them a try. This one smells amazing, but I still haven't try it yet, I'm using my old one. Balea also has a new handlotion scent. It's called Dark Glamour. I think I'll write a review about it. I also bought an eye creme, because area around my eyes is very dry and Balea Aqua eye cream doesn't work that well for me alone.

This week I received the prize I won on Chiro's blog Nail of The Week. I won Butter London Bluey polish and she send me some other goodies with it. OMG, what an amazing package she sent me! I love everything. And I already tried Bluey, it's amazing. Btw, this is my first Butter London polish.

I finally organized my lipsticks. I made a lipstick holder by this tutorial from Krvava Meri. The best way to storage them.

I was doing some Christmas nail art on nail wheel this week. I already showed you some on my blog and some are you going to see next week. I'm not sure, if I'm going to do all, that are on this nail wheel. I'll probably do some other patterns too. I still have to use my Christmas plate from Tedi.

My Salzburg haul! I have to admit, I was a bit dissapointed with drugstores, specially Douglas. They didn't had NYX products and I also didn't find their own brand. H&M was dissapointing too, because they had very little cosmetics. But it doesn't matter, I'm actually glad I didn't bought a lot. In H&M I bought polishes in Why So Blue (it has amazing shimmer) and Make Me Blush. I also got little berry lipsticks (they're available in Slovenia too). I also visited Bipa and got 3 Look by Bipa lipliners: Orchid, Cherry and Bonbon.

How cute is that? Snow White nail polish. I love this, I had to have it.

As promised, some photos from Salzburg and also Oberndorf. Salzburg is very beautiful city.

The chapel in Oberndorf, where the song Silent Night was singed for the first time.
Joseph Mohr, who wrote the lyrics, and Franz Xaver Gruber, who composed the melody of the song Silent Night.
Mozart monument in Salzburg.
Salzburg cathedral.
Mozart's birthplace.
The fortress and river Salzach.
You can lock up your love forever.
They have special occupation in Salzburg, called Bergerputzer, who are cleaning this big hill of rocks.
The fortress.

Link love:
*Mateja wrote a post about drugstore brands, available in Slovenia. If you're planning to do some shopping in our country in the future, don't forget to check it.

*Blanka's review of Look by Bipa lipliners on Anatomy Of Beauty blog. Yes, she convinced me to get and try them. 

*If you're searching a good drugstore foundation, this review can help you. Smashing Beauty reviewed 6 drugstore foundations (but I think Revlon Age Defying isn't available in Slovenia, I'm not completely sure).

*Nuša or Moonchild made a very cute snowflake manicure and she used polish, which looks gorgeous specially over black.


I hope you had lovely week and that next one will be even better. Thank you for reading.