Random Sunday #8

Hi, girls! The Sunday almost ended and today I had again one of those lazy Sundays. In this Random Sunday I don't have any nail polish swatch for you, because I'm doing Christmas manicures in the moment. Today I made one cute nail art, but you're going to see it next week.

Two weeks ago I placed an order on Avon, becuse I wanted to try their Advance Techniques Moroccan Argan Oil as I read it's very good and I also got their nail hardener. I need a treatment for my nails, because they brittle and can break easly. Well, I'm already testing it and the first impression was not so good. I use it as a base for my nail art and it stained my nails yellow. Maybe it wasn't meant to be used as a base for NP. They also send me some testers, which was a pretty surprise.

As you read yesterday, I don't like snow, but on one blog I saw, that a girl bought cute snowman earrings and I wanted one to, so I though, why not to make one myself. I didn't had white, black and red pearls, so I painted them with nail polish and voila, here are my handmade snowman earrings.

I said I don't like snow, but Ris loves it. He's running around and playing in snow. And this is how he looks then. All covered with snow.

At the beginning of the week our boys were enjoying in the sun.

I had to add this one too. He is so cute. :)

My FOTD from Friday, when I went on friend's travelogue lecture about Tenefire. It was already dark and I couldn't make a better photo of my look. I made a blue glittery look, which I really liked. I'm wearing Elf lipstick, that I won in a giveaway on Mateji ustvarjata blog. It's amazing, I love it.

Fried bananas with honey and cream. Do you like them? I adore them.

And some books for the end - A Song of Ice and Fire saga. I'm finally reading the fifth book - A Dance with Dragons. I only started, but I already love it. Welcome back, Tyrion Lannister (I love his character).

Link love:
*Rittenbraten showed swatches of Dance Legend Thermo polish and that's the best color changing polish I've ever seen.

*Want snow on your nails? Check this manicure by Nail Crazy, she did it with polish and sugar. It reminds me on frozen countrys in fairytales. 

*Nailderella showed swatches of Picture Polish Cosmos nail polish. Don't you just want to have this polish in your stash?

*Look at those cute bears, Mimi did.

*Orly is releasing 22 new glittery polishes. How cool is that? You can see promo photos on Mai Senza Smalto blog.


Have a nice week. Thank you for reading.