Random Sunday #7

Hi, girls! How was your Sunday today? Here was raining almost a whole day and then in the evening started to snow. Because I couldn't go out for a walk, I spend a lazy Sunday in bed watching Grimm. I'm becoming obsessed with this show, it's so good. 
Another thing, it's December! Yay! I'm really looking foward to this month this year, I have no idea why. But I feel so festive. My December started pretty good, yesterday I found out, that I won 2 giveaways. What? I still can't believe, I had such a luck. I'm very very happy, because both prizes are amazing. I'm planning to write a post every day in December, so you'll have something to read. 
I have a lot of photos today to show you. Maybe you noticed, that last week I didn't write a Random Sunday post, but that happened, because I had my last exam on Monday and now, when it's over, I hope I won't miss any Sunday anymore.

Essence magnetic polishes can work pretty well, if you have a good magnet. Here I used Depend magnet and pattern came out really nice. The shade is called Magic Red Carpet.

Sunset. Lately days were very foggy, clody and grey here, but here and there sunbeams came trough and then I have this gorgeous view. Amazing colors. 

This week I passed 300 000 views on my blog. Thank you.

You probably remember a post from few weeks, when I showed you 2 cats that came to our house. Well, after a week one of them was gone and we couldn't find her anywhere. I just hope, she was not hit by a car and she found a good home.

Ris and his ball. He is still very jealous. 

Isadora has every Wednesday a small giveaway on Twitter and last week I won their palette Northern Lights. They also send me some samples in the package. I like Isadora products, but they are so expensive by us.

I did some shopping in H&M. I love wearing scarfs, that's the only thing I love by fall and winter. I got this blue scarf for 5 €. This is probably my favourite color at the moment. I also got 2 gloves for 5 €. They're very warm.

Everybody is talking about Lemony Flutter. Nail polish bloggers adore it for cuticles, so I had to try it myself too. I do like it, it smells amazing. I use it so little with one usage, that I have a feeling, it will last forever.

For my successfully passed last exam I awarded myself with Zoya Yara. I had this one on my WL forever.

It looks amazing on nails. Green with golden shimmer. I'm sorry I don't have a better photo, but weather is bad these days here. 

Nama in Ljubljana sells Eveline products. I though these polishes are from Eveline, but they are actually from Delia Cosmetics. I bought 4 polishes, but only 3 for me (yes, you know, what that means :D). From Eveline I bought an eyeliner. I've heard, that they have good eyeliners, so I wanted to try them myself too, because I'm still searching a perfect black eyeliner.

Delia Cosmetics Coral Prosilk 153. A dusty greyish blue creme shade. I like it a lot.

Our Advent wreath, made by my mum's friend. This year it's silver and it's really pretty.

Ice cream. A chocolate ice cream with chocolate particles in it. My favourite.

This week I also bough 2 books. I'm finally going to read Twilight. I didn't like the movie very much, so I wonder, if I'm going to like the book.

And one nail polish truth for the end. 

Thank you for reading and I wish your Happy December!