Random Sunday #10

Hi, girls! How are you today? There are only 2 days till Christmas. I'm really excited, because all our family will be together to celebrate my dad's birthday. That means not just my mom, grandmother, dad and brother, but also my uncle, aunt, my 2 causins with their families (they both have each 2 little girls, so it'll be fun). And of course my boyfriend. Our tradition is to lunch together on Christmast day to celebrate dad's birthday and I already see, it's going to be a fun day. 

Let's start with the early Christmas present Santa Claus brought me this year. This Santa was my dearest boyfriend. He bought me a new camera, because my old one is really bad and the baterry last very little time. He thought this is going to be a perfect gift and he was right. He really is the best boyfriend in the world. :*

I wanted to do snowflake earrings and nail polish didn't worked the best, so I tried with stickers I talked about in yesterday's post. They came out really cute. Can you guess which polish I used? Yes, it's Catrice It's All I Can Blue, the same polish I was wearing in yesterday's post.

I was photographing Balea lotion for review and I had a little helper

Rocking with H&M dark berry lipstick. I got it last week, I showed it to you here. It doesn't have a name, at least I can't find it. If you know it, please let me know. It's very good lipstick, very pigmented and it lasts pretty long (of course it doesn't survive eating and drinking). Perfect for this season.

I played a bit with make up today. I wanted to know, how Misslyn Next Generation eyeshadow looks over black base. It looks pretty amazing, I see no pink anymore, but more gold and also some green there.

 My mom already started to bake cookies and I helped her today. We made "breskvice" or peaches cookies. I personally don't like them, but my boyfriend and my brother love them. More cookies we'll bake tomorrow.

 My boyfriend and I decorated a Christmas tree today. I usually do that myself on Christmas eve, but because he's here today I thought he could help.

Link Love:

*Ina showed swatches of Alessando Crystal Punk Blue Rocks The Club. It looks pretty amazing on her.

*Deja Zu and Gone2rehabBRB made a colaboration posts with Anti-Christmas make up look. This is something different, because on most blogs (also on mine) you read all about nail art (and also make up) ideas for Christmas.


I wish you all nice holidays. Thank you for reading.