NOTD: Snowflakes

Today I have a snowy manicure for you. I wore it till yesterday, when I had to remove it because of chipping (cooking and washing dishes didn't serve it well). I was planning to publish it next week, but yesterday started snowing here and today everything was white outside, so I decided to put it on my blog today.

First let me tell you, I don't like snow. If you follow me on Twitter, you already know that. But no matter that I like drawing snow and snowflakes on my nails. They can't do any harm there.

As a base I used Bourjois Bleu Water. Then I applied one coat of Constance Caroll Glitzy Aqua Sparkle and one coat of Kiko 231. I hope you can see, how beautiful looks this combo on nails. Then I draw one snowflake on each nail with Vollare 117. Snowflakes are not perfect, but I liked how it looked in the end. 

What do you think, girls? Do you prefer snow on nails or outside? Thank you for reading.