NOTD: Catrice Coral -al -al -al (Siberian Call LE)

Hi, girls! I see, you really liked yesterday's post, there were a lot of comments. Thank you for that. :) I think holo polishes will never stop being popular.
Today I have for you my current manicure, a Catrice polish Coral -al -al -al from Siberian Call LE, that was a part of my Christmas present. This is a very bright coral creme shade, it looks almost like it would be neon, but it's not. It applys nice, although my bottle has a strange brush - it's similar to their brush from regular assortiment, just that this one is not the longest in the middle, but on one side.

The formula of this polish is good and because of it the application doesn't cause any problems, because the brush is a bit wonky. I used 2 coats for this manicure and I applied Essence top coat in the end. This polish didn't last long on me. I applied it yesterday and today it already chipped, although I used a top coat. Well, my nails are so, no mather what I do, none of the polishes will last long. 
This is a very pretty shade and it's has a cute bottle with snowflakes, but the color doesn't reminds me on winter and snow. To me this is more summery shade. The word "Siberian" reminds me on cold, winter and snow and with them I connect white and blue color, not coral.

Do you like coral polishes? Did you get anything from Catrice Siberian Call collection? Thank you for reading.