Nfu Oh 65

Hi, girls! Yesterday I went through my folder where I have photos, that were saved when my computer broke. I noticed, that I still haven't publish swatches of the most amazing holographic polish, that joined my stash this year. Let me show you Nfu Oh 65. I bought it myself for my birthday this year, because I felt I have to gifted myself something special. The polish really looks amazing. I don't have any notes about it, so I'll tell you, what I remember about it. I applied it over Essence base coat and application was kind of tricky (you know that these polishes apply the best over Nfu Oh Aqua Base), but after 3 coats it looked great. I wore it without top coat, because it looks better that way and it chipped after 1 day, but on me every polish chips very fast. The color is very pretty, it's a light blue shade. And the holo effect is amazing, it looks even prettier in person. I didn't know, which photo to publish, so I have quite few, so that you can enjoy in this polish too.

I also made a ring with this polish. The holographic effect of the ring isn't as strong as on nails, but it's pretty anyway. I wear it often.

 Do you have any Nfu Oh holographic polish or is there any on your wish list? Thank you for reading.