Monthly Favourites - November 2012

November already ended few days ago (days are passing by so fast) and it's time for my second monthly favourites - this time of November.  I'm going to show you some products I discovered this month and I love them and some I used a lot this month.

Let's start with the blushes. This month I used only 2 blushes - Catrice Peach Sorbet and Essence Renesmee Red. Renesmee Red will be probably my favourite blush during winter - it's a matt red and it looks amazing on cheeks. I wrote a review here. I also used Peach Sorber a lot. I like it, because it gaves me such a soft look. You can see swatch of this blush here. Unfortunately is not available anymore.

Next we have some highlighters. One for cheeks and one for eyes. Essence Blossoms etc. Flower Power is the only highlighter I have and I adore it. I use it mostly for highlighting my cheeks. It contains 10 g and I use it for more than a year now and look, how many product is still there. I have a feeling I'll never finish it. Next is Alverde Vanilla eyeshadow. I wrote a review here. I use it every single time I do my make up to highligh my browbone or to soften the edges of my make up. It's a great eyeshadow, I love it.

This month I discovered I have a Melem cream at home. I usually don't use this cream, because it's very greasy (fatty?), but I have dryer skin during the winter, specially around my nose. I decided to try to use it there and it works great. The skin around my nose looks much better since I use it and it's not so dry anymore.

Because it's very cold outside, my hair suffer too and are getting very dry. One of my friends recommended me Fructis Garnier Ultra-Nutrive Mask and I decided to give it a try. I felt in love with it in the very same moment I wash my hair with it for the first time. It's amazing. After first wash I already noticed, that my hair are softer, more shiny and not dry at all. I think this is going to be my must have product for hair. Next product is Alverde Haaröl Mandel Argan. This one is great too and it smells like lemon. I use it mostly for hair ends and I think they look much better since I use it. Both products are definitely worth to try, if you have dry hair.

This month I wore lipsticks a lot. My favourites were Catrice Lovely Lilac and Essence Berry Me Home. Both shades are great for winter and have great quality. Unfortunatelly both are not available anymore (or Essence maybe still is in some countrys and here in Slovenia in some DM's or Tuš drugstores). I swatched Catrice lipstick here and Essence lipstick here.  

What were your favourite products last month? Did your try any of the products I mentioned? 

Thank you for reading.