Essence Fantasia TE Elves Like Lilac and Queen Of My Cloud Castle

Few days ago I found a display of Essence Fantasia TE collection. To me this collection isn't anything special, but I took 2 polishes, that I wanted since I saw swatches on Candy Glaze blog. I took Elves Like Lilac and Queen Of My Cloud Castle. Take A Ride On Pegasus is also very interesting color, but I don't like blue shimmer in it. I would rather see it would be a creme shade or it would have a red shimmer in it. 

Elves Like Lilac is a purple shade with blue shimmer. It's very gorgeous shade, but my camera captured it too blue. In person it's more purple. But my camera never liked purple shades. It has a very good formula, which makes an application very easy. I used 2 coats. When it comes to elves, I imagine green color not purple. Too bad, they didn't do any green shade.

Queen Of My Cloud Castle is a coral shade with pink shimmer. This one also has a good formula, easy application and it's opaque in 2 coats. It's pretty shade, but I prefer purple one, it just looks better on me. 

What do you think about Fantasia TE collection? Which polishes do you want to get? What do you think about these two shades?