DIY: A Ring Box

Last week I did one fun DIY project and I thought I could share it with you here on my blog. I always had problems, how to store my rings, because I couldn't find any proper ring holder to buy it. Lately I'm very into DIY projects and I thought why not to do a ring holder myself. Before I store them as you see on the photo below and that's really not a good way to store them. So I made a little cute box and I'm going to show you how.

For this DIY project you'll need:
- a wrapping paper
- few sponges
- a box
- a tape
- scissors (you can also see a knife on the photo, but in the end I didn't use it)
- a ruler

First take a wrapping paper and a box. I used a box, in which I had small scented candles, because it's very low and it has transparent cover. First measure, how many paper do you need to wrap the box and then cut it.

Then wrap a box with a paper like you would wrapping a gift. You all know, how that goes. :)

Then place sponges into a box to see, if they'll fit. I placed 3 in one row, but I had to cut one a bit, because they all didn't fit. I decided to used a blue-green combination, because there wasn't any orange sponge. 

Then take a ruler and a pencil and mark, where you want to do cuts into a sponge. First a planned to do 4 cuts into one sponge, but then I just cut it from one site to enother. I was using a knife in the beginning to do that, but it didn't work well, so I used scissors, which worked great. I'm sorry I don't have a photo, how the sponge looked after this step, but I forgot to photograph it.

Place all sponges back into a box and put the rings in it. My box looked like this in the end. This is much better way to store the rings like I did before. And it looks very cute. And now I see all my rings in all their shine.

I really love this box, because it has transpatent cover, so I can add it over the box and my rings don't become dusty. 

This is very inexpensive DIY project. You can use a box, you already have at home (like the cover of a shoes box). You can buy a wrapping paper in many stores or you probably already have it at home. I got mine in Tedi for 0,60 €. I also bought small sponges for washing dishes in Tedi for 1 € (you get 20 sponges for this price). There are still a wrapping paper and sponges left, so I can do another ring box or other DIY project.

How do you store your rings? Do you like DIY projects? Thank you for reading.