Christmas Nail Art: Reindeer (With a Tutorial)

Hi, girls! As promised yesterday, today I have a nail art for you. I made another Christmas themed manicure. This time I made reindeers, one of them is Rudolf the Red-Nosed. This manicure is very cute and it's very easy to do. I also made a tutorial for you, if any of you want to do it.

Polishes I used are: Essence Crystalliced Iced Eyes Baby, China Glaze Mahagony Magic, Essence Return To Paradise Jungle Drum, Essence Circus Circus Applause, Applause, Essence White Hype and Essence Black Out

 This one is my favourite. I think it's the one that succeeded me the most.

Here's a tutorial. You will need some polishes, a dotting tool and a thin brush. For the tutorial I used same polishes as for my manicure. The photo is pretty small here, but if you click on it, you'll see it bigger.

Step 1: Paint your nails with selected color.
Step 2: Use a light brown shade and make a half moon on each nail.
Step 3: Use a thin brush and draw ears to the reindeers.
Step 4: Use the same thin brush and a darker brown shade and draw antleers on the raindeers.
Step 5: Use a dotting tool and a white polish and make 2 dots on bright brown shade.
Step 6: Use a smaller size of a dotting tool and make 2 black dots in the centre of white dots.
Step 7: Use a red polish and a brush, because the dotting tool will be probably too small for a nose. Make a dot with the point of a brush holder on the tips of your nails for a nose. You can also use a dark brown shade to make the dot, it depends if you want to do a Rudoph or other reindeer.
Step 8: Wait few minutes, that everything dries and then use a top coat to protect your manicure.

You don't have to go step by step like I did, you can first do eyes and nose and then antleers. It's up to you. But I hope, that tutorial was helpful.

Tell me, what do you think about my nail art and tutorial, do you like them? Do you want me to do more tutorials for you in the future? Thank you for reading.