Christmas Nail Art: Penguin (With A Tutorial)

Hi, girls! Let's continue with some nail art today. After reindeers I made penguins. I think they go perfectly together with the weather, that is currently outside. They're more wintery theme than Christmas theme, but I decided to include them in my Christmas nail art series anyway. As reindeers penguins are also very easy to do and they look so cute on nails.

For this nail art I used Essence Happy, a random black polish and Fingers Original French manicure white polish. As you can see, you don't need a lot of polishes to create this cute desing.

Today I also made a tutorial for you to show you, how I did this nail art. It's very easy and quick to do. All you need are a black, white and yellow polish and a dotting tool.

Step 1: Apply a black nail polish. 
Step 2: Use a white nail polish and make a half moon on the nail.
Step 3: Use a white polish and a dotting tool and make two dots above a half moon.
Step 4: Use a black polish and a dotting tool to place smaller dots into white dots for eyes.
Step 5: Use an orange polish and a dotting tool and draw a small triangle at the top of a half moon.
Step 6: Use an orange polish and a dotting tool to make 2 dots on the tip of your nails for paws. 
Step 7: Wait few minutes, that manicure dries and then use a top coat to protect it.

As you probably notice, I'm not very good at describing procedure in english, but I hope this tutorial was helpful anyway. 

What do you think, will you try to do a penguin manicure or that kind of nail art isn't for you? Thank you for reading.