Christmas Nail Art: Inspired by Movie Elf

Yesterday my boyfriend and I were watching movie Elf and I totally got inspired to do a nail art, so here it is. I was mostly inspired with Buddy's green dress and his favourite food - candies. I didn't know exact which candys to make, so in the end I decided for 2 candy canes and I think they go well together with the rest of designs.

On the tumb I wrote a word elf. I though it will be very hard to write it, but it wasn't. Luckily my nail on thumb is pretty long and I could do big letters. This one is my favourite of them all.

Polishes I used here are: Fingrs Original French Manicure (white), Essence Fall For Me (blue), NYX Girls Mermaid Green (green), Essence Happy (yellow), She 230 (gold), Catrice Abloom (red), Essence Kind Of Magic (golden-yellow) and a random black polish.

I really enjoyed wathing Elf, it's a funny movie. And very inspirational too. Do you like Elf movie? What do you think about my manicure? Thank you for reading.