Christmas Nail Art: Christmas Tree

Hi, girls! Today I have for you few manicures with Christmas tree. I had few good ideas, biut they didn't turned out as good as I planned. In my head they all looked better. 

The first idea was do to a half of a Christmas tree on a half of a nail (does that makes sense to you?). This idea looked much better in my head. Although I must admit in person it didn't even look that bad, but my camera didn't catch it very good, maybe because of the glitter and top coat. I used Catrice Lovely Sinner as a base. A tree I made with Essence Walk On The Wild Side. Then I use 2 glittery polishes for lights: Essence Troy and Circus Confetti. I think it would be better, if I used only one.

By the second manicure I draw a tree on an accident nail and to others I added silver glitter. As a base color I used Catrice Up In The Air. For the tree I used Essence Walk On The Wild Side, Essence Circus Confetti and Essence Kind Of Magic. Silver polish is Essence Glitterastic.

The last one is more wintery one. I made few different designs - snowfall, snowman and a Christmas tree. I used Catrice Blue My Mind as a base color. Then I sponged a white polish from Fingrs on the tips. The same polish I used for snowfall and a snowman. For the trees I used Ruby Kisses Tropical Green and Essence Kind Of Magic

I also made a tutorial for this Christmas tree. It's very easy to do and it looks cute. You can do it on all nails or only on an accent nail.

Step 1: Paint you nail with your base color.
Step 2: Take a white polish and sponge it on a tip of your nail.
Step 3: Take a green polish and a brush (or a green nail art polish). Make thin lines from white gradient till the top of a nail. Start with a long line and make every next line smaller. 
Step 4: Take a yellow/golden polish and do a dot on the top of a tree for an ornament. You can also skip this step.
Step 5: Take a dotting tool and make small white dots all over the tree for snowfall. You can also skip this step, if you don't want to have snowfall on your nail. 
Step 6: Wait few minutes, that everything dries and then apply a top coat to protect your manicure, so it will last longer.

As I said, you can skip steps 4 and 5, it depends how you want your manicure to look like. You can also skip step 2 and draw only a tree. I showed you a tutorial for the manicure I did (although on my index finger I did it without an ornament and on my ring finger without snowfall).

Which manicure do you like better - first, second or third? I think the third one is my favourite. Thank you for reading.