Twin Post: Essence A Walk In The Park

Hi, girls! Today I have a twin post for you. Nuša asked me some time ago, if I want to do a twin post with her and I of course said yes. Twin post means, that 2 bloggers publish the same polish at the same time (if I understand right). If you don't know Nuša, she is a great young Slovenian blogger, who writes a blog Moonchild. She is an amazing blogger, her photos are always so perfect and she has great style of writing. I love to read her blog.

We decided for polish Essence A Walk In The Park, a Colour 3 doubled polish. One part is a base polish and second is a layering polish. A Walk In The Park is a beautiful forest green shimmery shade. The application is pretty good, although my polish is already thicker. I used it a lot for nail art and a lot of polish is already missing, so that's probably the reason. In person and inside the shimmer isn't that visible as it is in the sun. I actually thought, that this is a creme polish. But it's a shimmery one. The shimmer is visible in the bottle too.  

The layering part is called Stop For An Ice Cream. What a cute name. This polish has a light green base (or it's a clear?) with a lot of different multicolored shimmer and bigger light green glitter flecks. I applied 1 coat over A Walk In The Park. I love it, I actually prefer layering polish than a green shade. It's just gorgeous.

A close up look. Prety amazing, right?

So, what do you think about this polish? Do you have it? Don't forget to check Nuša's blog and her swatches.