Review and Swatches: Essence Home Sweet Home TE (Lipsticks and Nail Polishes)

Hi, girls! I know, I promised you this review to be published yesterday, but our modem died yesterday and we got new one today, so I'm finally able to write it. Essence Home Sweet Home collection came in Müller few days after Breaking Dawn Part II collection. Not cool, Essence, that's too close. I had my eye on blushes, lipsticks and 3 polishes, but in the end I decided to skip both blushes and 1 polish. I had to take both lipsticks, because they're probably the best lipsticks Essence ever did.

The lipsticks are in colors Berry Me Home (dark berry) and Red-y To Relax (red). These lipsticks have no shimmer in it (like most Essence lipsticks) and they have fine glossy finish. They're very pigmented and they last long. Application of these two is tricky, but you probably know, how it goes with bold and vivid lipsticks. If not, read this Deja's article. The colors are both great, specially the dark berry is perfect for fall. I was wearing Red-y To Relax the other day at the dinner with my darling and I have to say, the lipsticks passed the test of lasting great. I was eating and drinking and it stayed on my lips. It did faded a bit, specially in inner part of my lips, but it stayed there. It's amazing, Essence never released such a good lipstick before. And that for 2,5 €. For this price you get 4 g of lipstick. Pretty amazing price for great product. I recommend!

Red-y To Relax on my lips.

Berry Me Home on my lips. 

I also got 2 polishes. First one is Hot Fruit Punch. I think this one is a star of this collection. It's amazing dark burgundy creme shade. The formula and application are both good. The finish is nice glossy even without TC, which is a big like. I used 2 coats.

Berry Me Home is a dark berry creme shade, with good formula and good application. Unfortunatelly my camera didn't like it, because it catched it too red. I had to photoshop the color to make it more real, but it's still notreal. It's a bit darker in RL. I used 2 coats.

The bottle of one polish contains 8 ml of product and it costs 1,99 €. 

What do you think of this collection? Are you getting anything from it?