Monthly Favourites - October 2012

I'm starting with new series on my blog - monthly favourites. I really love these kind of posts on other blogs. I was thinking to start them for longer time now, but this month I finaly decided. I hope this is going to become regular series on my blog. These posts will be without swatches, only short reviews of products. If I wrote a review of a certain product before, I'll put a link to it. 

Let's start with lips products. My favourites and most used this month were both Essence Kiss Care Love lipbalms. I wear them in my purse with me, so I can use them, when I have dry lips. I love them, because they moisturize my lips and give them a hint of color. Like it happens with most Essence products, the inscription isn't visible anymore. I wrote a review here. I bought Misslyn rich color gloss in Verry Berry in October, but it already become my favourite lipgloss. The color is perfect for fall and this lipgloss is great pigmented and moisturizing. The only downside is, that it was part of LE, so it's probably not available anymore. You can read my review here.

Essence My Skin tinted moisturizer in Light Skin is my faithful companion since summer. It's light, it matches my skin tone, because it accommodates to it, and it gaves me a natural look. It's not very pigmented and it's hasn't great covery, but I don't need that, because I have normal skin without any blemishes.

Next are my favourite eye products. I didn't include any eyeshadows, because this month I used a lot of different shadows. My favourite mascara lately is Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Definition mascara in Max Black. It makes my lashes long, it gaves them volume and amazing black color. I love, if my eyelashes look really black, that's why I never use colored mascaras. And it doesn't leave any black spots under my eyes after few hour of wear, which is a great plus. My favourite liners this month were Essence My Sparkling Acrobat (review here) and Over Knight. One is black with silver shimmer and other is dark navy blue. They both have nice thin brush, that makes easy application, and they look amazing on eyes. Unfortunatelly they're both discountinued.

Hand products. I love Balea Handlotion in Rasberry, because it mousturizes my hands great and it lasts long. I specially love to use it, when I'm swatching. I have it on my desk and I use it, when I remove nail polish with remover. These lotions are usually limited editions and I prefer vanilla scent. I hope it'll be back this winter. Essence 24h hand protection balm is my favourite to go creme, since I got it. It smells amazing. I got 2 back up tubes, I love it so much. You can read my review here. Aveo Mandel (almond) nail polish with aceton remover is one of the best, I've tried and I tried them so many. I usually used removers without aceton, but that will change now. This one removes nail polish fast and great, even small glitter (for bigger I use Essence peel off BC or foil tehnique), it doesn't dry my cuticles as many other removers did and it also doesn't have a bad smell. From now on I'm using only this remover. 

My final favourite product is Ombia Cosmetics wet wibes. I did a lot of swatching in October and these wibes were my great solution. I used them to wipe off swatches from my hand and I could swatch again. They removed great everything I swatched. I don't use them for any other purpose, but for swaching they'll be my to go product in future too.

What do you think about this new series of posts on the blog, do you like it? Did you try any of products, I mentioned in my monthly favourites? What do you think about them?