H&M New Moon

Last week I showed you few H&M nail polish swatches and today I have another H&M polish for you (layered over other 3). It's a polish with golden flakies. It's called New Moon (hello, Twilight fans. Ok, maybe it's not connected with Twilight, but this name always remind me on New Moon movie). I got it in Austria some time ago for 1,95 €. I love the bottle, it looks like all those indie polishes with handwriting on the piece of paper on the bottle. The polish has a good formula, it's so easy to apply, flakies stick great to the base polish. One coat is enough to give a great flakie effect on nails. Flakies are gold, but a bit sheer. I think, they would loke amazing over black, but I applied them over more bright colors. Over every shade is one coat of New Moon. My favourite combo is with Peppermint Fusion.

New Moon Over Peppermint Fusion

New Moon over Honey, I'm Home

New Moon over Hunt Me Down

What do you think, girls? Do you like golden flakies or not?