Empty #4

Hi, girls! Today I have for you an empty post. This is the fourth empyt post I wrote in one year. I don't write them that often, because I usually use same products and a lot of them I already showed you before, plus most of the products last long and it takes time, before I finish them. Today I have for you few products, I haven't showed you yet (at least most of them).

1. Let's start with Aveo nail polish removers. For the last 2 years I always used removers without aceton and I tried also Aveo Naggellackentferner Pure Ohne Aceton, but I don't like it that much. It does remove nails polish nice, but it makes my cuticles and nails very dry. And the smell is awful. It costs a bit less than 1 € (80 cents, I think), but I won't buy it again.

2. Second nail polish remover is Aveo Naggellackentferner Mandel Mit Aceton. You already read about it in my monthly favourites for October. What else can I add. I'm definitely buying it again. It's only 50 cents. I used a whole bottle very quick, because I did a lot of swatching last month.

3. Essence Studion Nails 24/7 Nail Base - a lot of girls is very satisfied with it, but I still prefer Essence Nail Art protecting base coat. I didn't notice, that my manicure would last longer, when I was using it, like some other girls did. Otherwise, this is a good base coat, but I won't use it again, because I already found my favourite base coat. The price is, I think, 2,89 € (?).

4. Essence Better Than The Gel Nails top sealer - I can not live without this top coat! It costs less than 3 € and it makes miracles on nails. It drys manicures very fast. I can't even imagine not using fast drying top coat anymore. It also has some bad sites, because it can shrink manicures and it becomse thick, after you use it more than a half, but for less than 3 € I'm not changing it anymore.

5. Let's go to the eye products. Ombia Cosmetic Eye Make Up Remover is a solid product for removing make up. It's a two-phase remover. Before I bought this one, I was using the one from Balea, which is great for me, but I replaced it with this one, because it does the same job as Balea one and it has more ml of product for lower price. I think it costs around 2,5 € and it contains 200 ml of product (Balea 1,50 € for 100 ml). Both parts separte quite quickly, I can clean only one eye with it and I have to shake it again, but that doesn't botter me. :D It cleans my make up very good, so I'm definitely repurchasing it again.

6. Balea Gesichts Wasser mit Lotus blüte - This products purpose is to refresh your face after cleaning it with gel/washcream/piling, but I don't use it that way, because it doesn't work good that way. It doesn't refresh my face and  it foams. I actually found better way to use it - I clean my face with it, when I'm using my foundation. It cleans is perfectly from the skin and it doesn't leave any dirtiness on the skin. The price is around 2 or 3 € for 200 ml. I'm repurchasing this product again.

7. Duchesse Premium 70 Kosmetikstäbchen - these cotton swabs (?) are a must have for every nail polish addict. On one side they have sharpen end and on the other flatt end. They look like this. Sharpen end is great for removing nail polish from you cuticles and flatt is great, when you're doing make up and you make a mistake. They cost less than 1 € and are great. I'm definitely buying them again.

8. Dove Intensive Cream - I used this cream as a day cream every day for few years now and it works great for me, it mousturize my skin enough, that I can apply it only once a day and my skin doesn't become dry. I usually buy bigger one, that contains 150 ml of cream and it lasts me forever. It costs around 3-4 €.

Did you try any of these product yet? What do you think about them, are you repurchasing them again or not?