DIY: Candle Decoration

Hi, girls! As you noticed, I had a little hiatus from blogging last few days. I had my last exam yesterday (I won't call it final, because final will be, when I graduate) and I successfully passed it, so I'm happy. :) In December I'm planning to join to a Christmas challenge, so if you know any, please send me the link. I'm also planning to post every day, so you're going to have something to read. :)

Today I have a bit different post for you, it's an easy DIY project, I made last week. You probably remember my haul from Tedi, I showed you in this post. I decided to do some decoration with candles for my room. I took this green sand (although I don't have anything green in my room), because I adore this color.

For this DIY project we need:
- a big jar
- a decorative sand (in any color you want)
- small candles (mine smell like vanilla)

First you have to put sand in a jar. I decided to fill 1/3 of a jar. But you can put more, if you want.

 Then you put candles in the jar. You can put only one or two or three, like I did.

I think I could probably put 4 too, because it's a big jar, but it would be a bit too much for me. You can also do a lantern with this jar, all you have to do, is to wind a wire round it and make a handle and then you can hang it up somewhere. 

And this is how it looks this decoration in my room. I love it and the smell is amazing. I love vanilla smell, as you maybe know already. 

But it's not urgent, you do a candle decoration, you can also use this jar as a brush holder. You can find a tutorial on Mateji ustvarjata blog - just click here. I got this jar in Tedi for 1 € and sand for 1,5 €, so this is very inexpensive. :)

I hope this post was not boring for you. Thank you for reading. :)