Catrice Gold Leaf Top Coat (SpectaculART)

Hi, girls! Today I have for you a swatch of Catrice top coat Gold Leaf from SpectaculART collection. First I though, this is going to be a real gold leaf polish, but it's not. It has big hexagonal glitter and small round glitter. As I've heard, it's very similar to Catrice Million Dollar Baby from Million Styles LE. You can see swatches on Nailderella's blog. I don't have this polish, so I can't make a comparion, but  from Nailderella's swatches I can say, that these are dupes. The application is easy, the glitter transfers very well. I applied 1 coat over Catrice Hip Queens Wear Blue Yeans.

Here's a close up look. 

In the end this was the only thing I got from this collection, because I'm a sucker for glitter. What about you, do you like it? Did you get anything else from SpectaculART TE?