Blue Comparison

Last week I showed you a swatch of Catrice It's All I Can Blue and today I have for you a comparison of this polish with some other similar polishes. I compared it with Aura 28, Astor 70 and Essence Grumpy.

Catrice It's All I Can Blue, Aura 28, Astor 70, Essence Grumpy.

All four polishes have creme finish and are applied in 2 coats. They have small differences, that are visible in person, but not very noticeable on photos. Catrice is the lightest one and Essence is the darkest one. Astor and Aura are so close, that I would say, that they are dupes.

If I also do a little comparison between bottles: Catrice contains 10 ml of polish, Aura 5,5, Astor 6 and Essence 5.

Decision is on you, which polishes do you want in your stash, but for me all 4 are a must have, because I love this color, it's one of my favourites.

What do you think? Is this your kind of blue color or not?

Essence Mrs and Mr Glitter

Hi, girls! Today I have for you one very amazing polish, which also has some bad sides. I'm talking about Essence Mrs and Mr Glitter. Ever since I saw promo photos of this polish, I knew, I'm going to get it. It's a polish with transparent base and green, black and blue hexagonal glitter. I felt in love with it immediately I saw it, but then the application dissapointed me. It's a real PITA. If you want to apply it nice with one stroke, you aplly only transparent base or one or two glitters on the nail. I apply it so, that I dab a polish on nails and then, if there are more glitters in one place, I use a brush to separate them and place them all over the nail. 

Luckily I love this polish enough that because of its bad application I don't stop using it. Just look at this combo with Catrice No Snow Patrol, it's amazing. As you can see, here and there is a bit strange glitter, that doesn't look hexagonal. For these swatches I didn't use top coat, although I recommend it. 

Do you own Mrs and Ms Glitter? What do you think about it?

Guest post at Cats-N-Nails

Today I'm a guest blogger at Cats-N-Nails, so check my post here. Thank you.

DIY: Candle Decoration

Hi, girls! As you noticed, I had a little hiatus from blogging last few days. I had my last exam yesterday (I won't call it final, because final will be, when I graduate) and I successfully passed it, so I'm happy. :) In December I'm planning to join to a Christmas challenge, so if you know any, please send me the link. I'm also planning to post every day, so you're going to have something to read. :)

Today I have a bit different post for you, it's an easy DIY project, I made last week. You probably remember my haul from Tedi, I showed you in this post. I decided to do some decoration with candles for my room. I took this green sand (although I don't have anything green in my room), because I adore this color.

For this DIY project we need:
- a big jar
- a decorative sand (in any color you want)
- small candles (mine smell like vanilla)

First you have to put sand in a jar. I decided to fill 1/3 of a jar. But you can put more, if you want.

 Then you put candles in the jar. You can put only one or two or three, like I did.

I think I could probably put 4 too, because it's a big jar, but it would be a bit too much for me. You can also do a lantern with this jar, all you have to do, is to wind a wire round it and make a handle and then you can hang it up somewhere. 

And this is how it looks this decoration in my room. I love it and the smell is amazing. I love vanilla smell, as you maybe know already. 

But it's not urgent, you do a candle decoration, you can also use this jar as a brush holder. You can find a tutorial on Mateji ustvarjata blog - just click here. I got this jar in Tedi for 1 € and sand for 1,5 €, so this is very inexpensive. :)

I hope this post was not boring for you. Thank you for reading. :)

H&M New Moon

Last week I showed you few H&M nail polish swatches and today I have another H&M polish for you (layered over other 3). It's a polish with golden flakies. It's called New Moon (hello, Twilight fans. Ok, maybe it's not connected with Twilight, but this name always remind me on New Moon movie). I got it in Austria some time ago for 1,95 €. I love the bottle, it looks like all those indie polishes with handwriting on the piece of paper on the bottle. The polish has a good formula, it's so easy to apply, flakies stick great to the base polish. One coat is enough to give a great flakie effect on nails. Flakies are gold, but a bit sheer. I think, they would loke amazing over black, but I applied them over more bright colors. Over every shade is one coat of New Moon. My favourite combo is with Peppermint Fusion.

New Moon Over Peppermint Fusion

New Moon over Honey, I'm Home

New Moon over Hunt Me Down

What do you think, girls? Do you like golden flakies or not?

My Big Love

Hi, girls! Today I'm showing you my favourite polish from all new Catrice polishes, that were released this summer/fall, when they changed assortment. The polish is called It's All I Can Blue and I'm in love. It's a gorgeous blue creamy shade, very similar to Astor 70 and Aura 28. I already wore it so many times, also as my pedicure, because it looks amazing on toes. It's has a great formula, which makes application very easy. It's opaque in 2 coats. I know I wrote a lot of superlatives in this post, but I can't help myself, I adore this polish. It's often my choise, when I don't know, what to wear on my nails. If you would like to see a comparison with Astor and Aura polish, wrote me in a comments below (if yes, I'll publish it next week).

If I would be forced to choose my top 5 nail polishes (which would be very very hard), this one would be in this group. What do you think, do you like it as much as I do or this is not your color?

Deborah Milano 58 Sparkling Bronze

Hi, girls! Today I'm showing you one very amazing and interesting shade from Deborah Milano. It's called Sparkling Bronze. I got it some time ago in Nama, when it was 30 % off, because I had my eye on this polish for some time before that and I had to use this opportunity to finally get it. It's an amazing shade, just look at it. 

It's a brownish shade with pink and green shimmer. I used 3 thin coats. Application of this polish is amazing and it drys pretty fast. I would never think that these 3 colors can look so great together, but they do. Definitely a very special shade in my stash. 

What do you think, girls? Do you like it or you're not a fan of that kind of colors?

P. S.: My nail polish has a label with name Tehnologia Brevettata, but I googled this polish and I found a name Sparkling Bronze for it. Any idea, what is its real name (if any of you have it)? Thank you.

Random Sunday #6

Hi, girls! How was your Sunday? I spend a whole day studying and now it's time for some blogging.

I have nubbins. I had to shorten my nails down again, because they break like crazy. The polish I'm wearing is Joy 389. These polishes are so cheap, but they stink like crazy. But guess what, I wore this little guy for 3 days with only minimal tip wear and no chipping. How amazing is that?

I won a giveaway! Yupi! So, I won a giveaway on Mateji ustvarjata blog and I'm so happy, because the prize is amazing. My first Elf stuff. Finally I can try this brand too. Mateja did a good job with wraping up the package, it took me some time to unwrap it. :) Reviews of Elf eyeshadow palette and lipstick are definitely coming up in December. Thank you, Mateja and Mateja.:*

I went to Tedi store this week. They have all kinds of stuff. I got few thigs for DIY project, I finally got the mirror for doing make up in my room (yay, natural light) for 2 € and I got few nail stuff. They have a set of 2 plates for 1,5 €. I got a set with one plate, that has christmas designs, because I can use it now in December. Plus, I got some nail wheels. They have nail wheels for 1 €. I think we can't get nail wheels anywhere else in Slovenia.

I also went in DM. My hair is very dry at the moment, so I got it some treatment (Alverde Härol MAndel Argan and Fructis Repair and Shine 3 mask). Lately I'm becoming candle obsessed, I got one candle with apple, cinnamon smell and one with vanilla smell. They both smell amazing. Plus, I also got Depend 334, a polish from their winter collection, if I'm not mistaken.

Depend 334 is a shade with milky base and pink and silver glitter. On my nails I don't like it as I do in the bottle. It looks nice and it's a special shade, but I just prefer on my nails colors, that pop out.

Link love:
* On Monday I and Nuša did a Twin Post. Don't forget to read her post, if you haven't yet, here.

*Sandra reviewed Avon's Advance Techniques Moroccan Argan Oil, which she said is a great product for dry hair. Sound something I need.

*Mateja wrote 2 posts about her current hair care here and here. You should definitely read both, because she gave great tips.

*Krvava Meri wrote a post about DIY pilling for lips. Easy to do, so I'll definitely do it myself too.

*Another DIY. Ana from Maybe's New Start showed on her blog, how to do your own Z palette from things, you have at home and you don't need them anymore. Definitely worth to do. I'm doing this myself too.


Thank for reading. Have a nice week next week. :)

Empty #4

Hi, girls! Today I have for you an empty post. This is the fourth empyt post I wrote in one year. I don't write them that often, because I usually use same products and a lot of them I already showed you before, plus most of the products last long and it takes time, before I finish them. Today I have for you few products, I haven't showed you yet (at least most of them).

1. Let's start with Aveo nail polish removers. For the last 2 years I always used removers without aceton and I tried also Aveo Naggellackentferner Pure Ohne Aceton, but I don't like it that much. It does remove nails polish nice, but it makes my cuticles and nails very dry. And the smell is awful. It costs a bit less than 1 € (80 cents, I think), but I won't buy it again.

2. Second nail polish remover is Aveo Naggellackentferner Mandel Mit Aceton. You already read about it in my monthly favourites for October. What else can I add. I'm definitely buying it again. It's only 50 cents. I used a whole bottle very quick, because I did a lot of swatching last month.

3. Essence Studion Nails 24/7 Nail Base - a lot of girls is very satisfied with it, but I still prefer Essence Nail Art protecting base coat. I didn't notice, that my manicure would last longer, when I was using it, like some other girls did. Otherwise, this is a good base coat, but I won't use it again, because I already found my favourite base coat. The price is, I think, 2,89 € (?).

4. Essence Better Than The Gel Nails top sealer - I can not live without this top coat! It costs less than 3 € and it makes miracles on nails. It drys manicures very fast. I can't even imagine not using fast drying top coat anymore. It also has some bad sites, because it can shrink manicures and it becomse thick, after you use it more than a half, but for less than 3 € I'm not changing it anymore.

5. Let's go to the eye products. Ombia Cosmetic Eye Make Up Remover is a solid product for removing make up. It's a two-phase remover. Before I bought this one, I was using the one from Balea, which is great for me, but I replaced it with this one, because it does the same job as Balea one and it has more ml of product for lower price. I think it costs around 2,5 € and it contains 200 ml of product (Balea 1,50 € for 100 ml). Both parts separte quite quickly, I can clean only one eye with it and I have to shake it again, but that doesn't botter me. :D It cleans my make up very good, so I'm definitely repurchasing it again.

6. Balea Gesichts Wasser mit Lotus blüte - This products purpose is to refresh your face after cleaning it with gel/washcream/piling, but I don't use it that way, because it doesn't work good that way. It doesn't refresh my face and  it foams. I actually found better way to use it - I clean my face with it, when I'm using my foundation. It cleans is perfectly from the skin and it doesn't leave any dirtiness on the skin. The price is around 2 or 3 € for 200 ml. I'm repurchasing this product again.

7. Duchesse Premium 70 Kosmetikstäbchen - these cotton swabs (?) are a must have for every nail polish addict. On one side they have sharpen end and on the other flatt end. They look like this. Sharpen end is great for removing nail polish from you cuticles and flatt is great, when you're doing make up and you make a mistake. They cost less than 1 € and are great. I'm definitely buying them again.

8. Dove Intensive Cream - I used this cream as a day cream every day for few years now and it works great for me, it mousturize my skin enough, that I can apply it only once a day and my skin doesn't become dry. I usually buy bigger one, that contains 150 ml of cream and it lasts me forever. It costs around 3-4 €.

Did you try any of these product yet? What do you think about them, are you repurchasing them again or not?

Slovenian Bloggers week 45/2012

So what have Slovenian bloggers been up to last week?
The two Matejas got an interview with one of ski jumpers.
Santa, read this! Nuša - Moonchild has a winter wishlist.
Lora Stella was feeling sportastic!
Zala from Mostly Nail Polish showed us a beautiful nail polish.
Wanna know what Essence Breaking Dawn Part II eyeshadow pigments look like? UniqaPoly showed them!
More from Essence! Taya showed us Home Sweet Home TE.
Maja wrote about a beautiful ArtDeco palette.
And katiee did some cute nail art.

Bold Make Up

Do you know those days, when you should study, but you're doing everything else, just because suddenly everything seems more important to do? Well, I had one of those days yesterday. Instead of studying I played with make up. While studying I alsaway get the most interesting ideas for blog (make up, nail art ...). 

I wanted to create something bold with black and gold and this came out in the end. 

I was so bold, the black was even more intensive in person. My mother asked me, why are you so black, when she saw me. She's not use to that kind of make up on me (and she probably also didn't see the golden color on me). 

Product used:
- Essence I Love Stage eyeshadow base
- Sleek Chaos palette (black - the most pigmented black matt shadow I own. Love it!)
- Essence Circus Circus It's Magic eyeshadow (gold)
- Essence A Piece Of Forever pigment
- Alverde Vanille eyeshadow (for highlighting)
- Essence My Sparkling Acrobat eye liner
- Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Definiton mascara Max Black
- Essence Eyebros Stylish set (for brows)
- Essence Lash&Brow gel mascara (for brows)

- Essence Tinted Mousturizer Light Skin
- Maybelline Ever Fresh Makeup Sable Sand
- Essence Compact Powder Soft Beige
- Essence Blossoms etc... Multi Colour Powder Flower Power
- Essence Forget it! 3in1 concealer
- Essence Breaking Dawn Part 2 Renesmee Red blush

- Golden Rose 2000 Lipstick in 126
- Essence Lilac lipgloss

That's not the kind of make up, I would wear every day (although I love wearing dark make up), but I think it would be great for going out on Saturday night on a party.

What do you think? Would you wear this make up?

H&M Nail Polish Swatches

Hi, girls! Today I have swatches of 3 H&M nail polishes for you. I posted a haul of all H&M polishes I got in Graz few weeks ago here. I got 4 polishes from their regular line, that are in square shape, but I already posted swatches of Bella's Choise here and I think I catched it pretty real, so I decided I won't swatch it again. Let's go to others 3.

Peppertmint Fusion is a periwinkle shimmery shade. This one was on my WL for so long and now I finally have it. It's gorgeous, probably my favourite from all 3 I'm showing you today. It has a bit watery formula, but application is very good. I used 2 coats.

Honey I'm Home is a dusty purple creme shade. The application is very good. I think I never had problem applying H&M polishes, they all have great formula. I used 2 coats.

Hunt Me Down is a khaki green creme shade. This one was also on my WL and I'm lucky to get it finally. It's gorgeous. Formula, application are good as by other shades. I used 2 coats.

These polishes are available in H&M in Austria, Germany, Italia ..., but not in Slovenia. They costs 3,95 €. I love their quality, all polishes have great formula and none of them ever cause me problems with application. These square bottles are very cute to me, plus they're very easy to storage, because they don't take a lot of space (like some big round or other strange bottle shapes). If I remember right, I got Peppermint Fusion and Hunt Me Down for 1 or 2 € (on sale). I love H&M polishes and I'm definitely getting more next time, when I'll go abroad. 

What do you think about these polishes? Which one is your favourite? Do you like H&M polishes?

Twin Post: Essence A Walk In The Park

Hi, girls! Today I have a twin post for you. Nuša asked me some time ago, if I want to do a twin post with her and I of course said yes. Twin post means, that 2 bloggers publish the same polish at the same time (if I understand right). If you don't know Nuša, she is a great young Slovenian blogger, who writes a blog Moonchild. She is an amazing blogger, her photos are always so perfect and she has great style of writing. I love to read her blog.

We decided for polish Essence A Walk In The Park, a Colour 3 doubled polish. One part is a base polish and second is a layering polish. A Walk In The Park is a beautiful forest green shimmery shade. The application is pretty good, although my polish is already thicker. I used it a lot for nail art and a lot of polish is already missing, so that's probably the reason. In person and inside the shimmer isn't that visible as it is in the sun. I actually thought, that this is a creme polish. But it's a shimmery one. The shimmer is visible in the bottle too.  

The layering part is called Stop For An Ice Cream. What a cute name. This polish has a light green base (or it's a clear?) with a lot of different multicolored shimmer and bigger light green glitter flecks. I applied 1 coat over A Walk In The Park. I love it, I actually prefer layering polish than a green shade. It's just gorgeous.

A close up look. Prety amazing, right?

So, what do you think about this polish? Do you have it? Don't forget to check Nuša's blog and her swatches.

Random Sunday #5

Hi, girls! How are you? It's Sunday and it's time for another Random Sunday. Today it will be shorter. I didn't photograph much this week. I also had a lot of problems with Internet connection. Our modem died and we had to replace it. Then Internet worked for some time, then didn't work. Complications. But now it luckily works great.

My nails are short. They're even shorter now than on this photo. Nail on my ring finger broke and I had to fill them down. But luckily I have a lot of material to show you, so I don't mind. I made leopard manicure, because I think it looks great on short nails. And it's easy to do. I used Essence Love's Recipe, Ruby Kisses Tropical Green, Catrice It's All I Can Blue and random black polish.

Waiting to be swatched. 4 Beauty UK palettes. I couldn't help myself, I got 4 palettes for the price of two and they were even on sale. Great bargain.

Yesterday came to our house 2 cats. It looks like someone abandoned them. What kind of people do that? We decided to adopt them. They both look in good condition and healthy. One is he and one is she. They still don't have names. 

Our Ris. He doesn't like the cats. He's so jealous. He wants our attention all for himself.

 One inspirational quote for the end.

Enjoy the rest of the Sunday and I wish you a nice beginning of the week. Thanks for reading.