Three Challenge Edgy and Wavy

Three Challenge is over for most of the girls and today I'm ending it too. I should post my manicure for edgy adjective yesterday, but I had such a horrible headache, that I wasn't in the mood for editing photos. That's why I decided to post the last two manicures together today, because I would finish the challenge today anyway.

For edgy task was my inspiration a tribal print. I saw a lot of girls doing it and I wanted to try it myself too. I was searching in my wardrobe, if I have clothes with tribal print, but guess what, not even one. So I just went with random ideas out of my head and did it without inspirational photo/clothes. Because of that the manicure looked in the end like a crazy mess.

I used a whole bunch of polishes: H&M Oh La La, random black polish, Essence White Hype, Bourjois Figue Chic, Essence Silver Surfer, Vollare 45, 110, 133 and 140.

The last task in Three challenge was adjective wavy. Most of the people think on the sea or the water, when you mention this adjective, but my inspiration were birds, that are flying and their wings look, like they would wave through the air. 

I used Essence I Love Bad Boys, Essence White Hype and Essence My Sparkling Acrobat

I actually love this manicure, although my birds don't really loke like flying birds. I have to remember for the next time, that dotting tool isn't the best tool for doing little waves. 

This challenge is over, but on Thursday I'm starting with a new challenge - Four Elements Challenge. It's once a week and it's inspired with four elements fire, water, air and earth. If you want to join, go on this page.

Here is the list of all the girls, that participated in Three Challenge: