Sunday Random #2

Hi, girls! How was your week? It's another Sunday and it's time for some more randomness. 
Although I use Essence peel off base coat, sometimes it just doesn't work, so I still have to remove the glitter with foil tehnique. But let me tell you peel off base coat + foil tehnique together is the best removal method ever. It removes nail polish and glitter perfectly. Try it.

I found some old photo of my nail polish collection 2 years ago. I'm addicted. Very addiected, because now is much much much bigger.

In H&M a bought a doughnut for hair (I have no idea, how this thing is called). I tried to do a bun with it, but it's not very easy, although it looks great.

I went shopping this week, because I needed some new pants. I call this shopping very sucessful, because I got three pants: blue are from H&M for 19,90 €, jeans and green pants are from C&A, each for 9 €. Pretty good deal, ha? 

I also did some beauty shopping. I bought new Essence cream from their winter collection. I actually got 2, because it smells amazing. I asked on Facebook, if you want me to do a review of this cream and I got positive feedback, so you can expect post in next few days. I also got Catrice palette, because I read good reviews, and Misslyn lipgloss, because they have amazing lipglosses. Maxfactor samples were given for free as a gift with a purchase.  

My new pants on me. Love them all.

I went for a walk with Ris and the sun was just going down, so I made some photos. I love sunset, so many amazing colors. 

Look, who's waiting for me. Ris

Pasta salad is one of my favourite food. I made it with tuna fish, corn, gherkin, mayonaise and of course pasta. I usually don't add cheese, because it has a better taste without it.

My mom makes the best "kremšnite" in the world. They're so yummy. (I don't know the proper english word for this dessert, it has so many different names. Maybe cream cake.)

Yesteday I went to school anniversary. I wanted to photograph my make up, but it was already dark and I was in a hurry, so this is only proper photo, I have. On the left are shoes, I was wearing. Loving those, they're from Deichman. Nails and a whole outfit I'm going to show you tomorrow.

Today was such a beautiful day, so I had to spend it out. First I thought it's going to be foggy all day, but then the sun came out and I had to go for a walk. That's why I'm wearing sneakers. And I'm rocking in my new pants from H&M. 

This week past 5 years since Toše Proeski died. I was a big fan of his music, he was such a great singer. If he wouldn't die, he would give more great music to this world.


Some link love:
* Gejba from Parokeets published swatches of polishes from Essence Breaking Dawn TE collection. Blue and purple really catched my eyes.

* Miss Adeline was inspared by life. Her manicure is amazing, I was without words when I saw it.

* You all probably know NikkieTutorials, but if you don't, go check her Youtube channel. I really enjoyed watching her Modern Marie Antoinette Flapper Look, it's very interesting idea for a costume. Plus, she's so funny. 


No nails today, only some random stuff. Hope, you like this post. I wish you all lovely beginning of the new week.