Review: Misslyn Rich Color Gloss Very Berry (Brit Chic)

Misslyn has currently in our Müller's their limited edition Brit Chic. It's a fall collection and although it has few different product, this lipgloss was the most interesting to me. I have a feeling that this brand isn't very popular by us (specially not in Prekmurje). Too bad, because they have great quality of some product (like lipglosses, liners and also polishes aren't bad). 

The lipgloss is called Verry Berry and it's in a dark redish berry color. It's perfect for fall and I had to get it, because I didn't had any gloss in this color yet. Missly rich color glosses are amazing, because they have great pigmentation and they're buildable. They're also great, because they mousturize lips and are not sticky. I already reviewed one of their glosses here. If you're a fan of lipglosses, I definitely recommend you to try rich color glosses from Misslyn.  

To photograph this lipgloss on my lips was a disaster. I could catch everything except the color. I tried different light, settings, but nothing worked. The lipgloss is shiny and the color is more visible in person. It's darker.

You get 4,5 ml of product for less than 6 € (I can't remember the exact price, because I lost an account).

What do you think about Misslyn lipglosses? Did you try any of them?