Review and Swatches: Essence Breaking Dawn Part II TE

New Twilight movie means new limited edition by Essence. New collection is called like a movie - Breaking Dawn Part 2. It has few interesting products. I got 2 polishes, a blush and 2 pigments. 

Renesmee Red is a red matte blush. First I didn't want to buy it, but then I though I don't have any red blush in my stash yet, so I got it. And I do not regret. The blush is pretty good pigmented, but luckily is not too pigmented, so you can't apply too much on your cheeks. The formula is great, because it doesn't dust, when you're picking it up with a blush brush (like Dates On Skates blush does). The packaging contains 5,5 g and it costs 3,09 €.

I'm glad, that Essence came up with pigments for this collection and not mono eyeshadows or palettes again. I love their pigments - they're cheap and great quality. Unfortunately I was a bit disappointed by the colors, they looked more interesting on promo photos. The darkest 2 looked just to similar to me, so I left them in the store. I decided to took only 2: Alice Had a Vision - Again and A Piece Of Forever. Alice Had a Vision - Again is a dark purple shimmery pigment and A Piece Of Forever is a golden shimmery pigment with golden glitter. Alice pigment looked, like it has a bit strange formula, when I swatch it with my fingers, but when I applied it with the brush on my lids, it actually worked very great - it applied very nice and it was also easy to blend. A Piece Of Forever also isn't a bad pigment. I thought it would be great for highlighting the inner corner of my eye, but that's harder because of the glitter. But it'll be great for some special looks, to add a touch of golden glitter. One jar contains 2 g of pigment and it costs 2,69 €.

Here are swatches of both pigments and a blush on my hand, all made without a base. 

Let's go to the polishes. There are 4 polishes in this collection, but Edward's Love looks too similar to Hunt Me If You Can from last year's Vampire's Love TE collection and A Piece Of Love was not interesting to me. So I took only 2, but very very gorgeous shades Alice Had A Vision - Again and Jacob's Protection. Here are color drops from the bottles. One polish was 2,19 €.

Jacob's protection is amazing shade with very dark blue base and a lot of blue, purple and green glitter. It has thicker formula, so the application was not very easy, but this problem can be solved with thinner. I used 2 coats.

Alice Had a Vision - Again is a shade with dark purple base and purple, green and blue glitter. This one has better formula than Jacob's Protection, because it's not so thick and it was also easier to apply. Both polishes have the same brush as new Catrice polishes, which works great for me, but I know some of you girls don't like it. I used 2 coats. 

The lipstick from this collection looked pretty interesting, golden with a lot of shimmer. It would be great to layer it over another lipstick color, but I didn't get it, because I know I wouldn't use it a lot. But I thought that I can create similar effect with A Piece Of Forever pigment. I did an ombre effect on my lips. The lipstick I used was B.pretty Apricot, a vibrant orange shade. 

I had to test pigments on my lids immediately. I made dark purple (smoky) look. I used Alice Had a Vision - Again all over the lid. In my crease I used Essence Wild Craft Mystic Lilac eyeshadow. In inner corner and under my eyes I used a purple shade from Catrice Rumble in the Jungle palette. I applied A Piece Of Forever in the middle of the lid to add it a golden glow, but it's not very visible on the photos. Eyeliner is My Sparkling Acrobat from Circus Circus TE and on my waterline I used black liner from Catrice San Francisco palette. I used Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Definition mascara I always use lately. As an eyeshadow base I used Colour Arts eye base.

What do you think about Essence Breaking Down Part II collection? What are you planning to get from it or what did you get?