Review and Swatches: Catrice Big City Life (Paris and San Francisco)

Hi, girls! Today a have for you a very long post. I'm reviewing Catrice Big City Life collection. I was so excited about it, because I missed it last year, because only few shops in Slovenia had them and they weren't available near me. But this year they came to Müller and in the end I decided to get 2, although I had only one on my WL (I mean, how many palettes does a girl really need? :P).  

This limited edition collection has 3 palettes and 3 polishes, inspired by cities. This year they are San Francisco, Paris and Shanghai. I got Paris and San Francisco palette and San Francisco nail polish. The packaging is great, every palette and a nail polish has a pattern of the city on it, which in my opinion looks very nice. In the back of the palettes are instructions, how to use them. This is useful for all beginners in make up. Every palette also comes with a black liner (which I forgot to swatch, as I noticed by editing) and a brush. I usually don't use those brushes, so I can't tell you anything about it. The liner on the other hand is really nice, I used it on my waterline and it stayed quite long, longer than the Essence one I'm usually using. But I think the liner isn't waterproof, because I smudged it easly with a finger. Every palette has a magnet, so it's easy to open and to close. The only thing I don't like by packaging is, that a liner and a brush are in a deep hole and it's very hard to get them out. And before i forget to mention, these shadows and blushes have names. Eyeshadows in Catrice palettes usually don't have names and I love, when every single eyeshadow has it's own name.

San Francisco and Paris palettes

This is probably going to be the most poplar palette, because it has neutral shadows, which are perfect for every day use. It also has one peachy and one light red blush. 

* La Tour Eiffel - dark grey shimmery shade, great pigmented.
* Louvre - champagne shimmery shade, great pigmented.
* Sacre-Coeur - light brown shimmery shade, good pigmented.
* Seine - a bronzed-brown shimmery shade, great pigmented.
* Champs-Elysees - beige matt shade, bad pigmented.
* Notre-Dame - brown shimmery shade, good pigmented.

* Moulin Rouge - peachy shimmery blush, bad pigmented.
* Arc De Triomphe - light pink matt blush, good pigmented.

Here are the swatches on my hand. They are made without base.

San Francisco
This palette was on my WL, because I love blue colors and I love the green packaging. It also has some brown colors, great for everyday use, but the color combo isn't really my thing. I don't mix often blue and brown eyeshadows. The blushes are nice, one red and one peachy. 

* Fiherman's Wharf - petrol shimmery shade, good pigmented.
* Lombard Street - a greyish-blue shimmery shade, good pigmented.
* Alcatraz - dark brown shimmery shade, great pigmented.
* Transamerica Pyramid - beige matt shade, good pigmented.
* Coit Tower - light brown shade, bad pigmented.
* Sfmoma - light greyish-brown shade, good pigmented. 

* Golden Gate Brigade - red matt blush, good pigmented.
* Cable Car - peachy matt blush, so-so pigmented.

Here are the swatches of San Francisco palette. They are made without base. 

I usually apply eyeshadows while doing swatches with my fingers, so I decided to do a test with a brush for this review. Here you can actually better see the pigmentation of each eyeshadow. Specially brighter eyeshadows have worse pigmentation.

San Fransisco is an amazing green shimmery shade. It has the same brush as polishes in their regular line and to me is very easy application with this brush. I used 2 coats.

When I came home and look at the polish more carefully, it remembered me on some other polish. And I was right. It's very similar to Catrice Be Pool from Nyphelia LE collection. 

I applied 2 coats of each and I was surprised, that they look the same. Ok, if you have very attentive eye, you can notice, that San Francisco has more greenish hint to it and Be Pool has more blueish hint to it, but that is a very small difference, barely noticeable.  

I'm very happy to get my hands on these palettes. Well, I wish some blushes and eyeshadows would be more pigmented, but otherwise these are not bad palettes. The Paris palette has perfect colors for nude and everyday make up looks. I wish San Francisco would have one or two more blue shadows. The color combination are not the ones, I would often use to make an eye look. Eyeshadows are creamy, easy to apply and nice to blend. I tested on my lids only eyeshadows from San Francisco palette and they did a good job. They didn't creased, they only faded a bit after 7 hours.

When it comes to polishes, I recommend them, if you like the colors. But if you already have Be Pool from Catrice, you probably don't need San Francisco too (at least if you adore this color and you're afraid to run it out). If you had Be Pool on your WL and you didn't get it, then San Franscisco is a must-have for you.

In the palette you get 6 eyeshadows (each 1,5 g), 2 blushes (each 2,5 g), 1 eye pencil (0,28 g) and a brush. The palette cost 8,29 € in Müller, so I think this is a great price for everything together. The bottle of polish contains 10 ml of product and it costs 2,69 € in Müller.

What do you think about this collection? What do you want to get prom it or what did you get?