Random Sunday

I'm starting with a new category on my blog today, called Random Sunday. It something similar, like the girls, who have Instagram, are doing, but my phone does not support this app. I do took a lot of different photos with my camera, which I'm publishing on my Twitter or Facebook or even I do not publish them. I decided to do a random post once a week to show you different photos. It's going to be about everything: food, hauls, nail polish, make up, jewelry, maybe some recipes, OOTD, our dog, movies, Youtube videos ... Random stuff I photograph during the week and they will not be published in their own post. It can happen, that this post will have huge amount of photos or it can happen, that it will have only one. Here and there I'll also publish links to blogposts, that impressed me or Youtube videos, I loved. This will actually be a post about everything random.

I'll start with a manicure, that I'm currently wearing. H&M Honey I'm Home, a dusty purple creme shade, opaque in 2 coats, and  Essence Cooper'ize Me! This Essence polish is just amazing. But it can happen, that I'll remove this manicure tommorow, because it already started to chip.

 I'm not a huge fan of a coffee, but I could drink a white coffee all the time.

This week I tried to photograph my first OOTD. Thanks to my boyfriend for help, it's hard to do that alone. I'm wearing my new boots from Princess Shop. I love them, they're so warm. I'm still not sure, if my OOTD's will get their own posts, because I'm wearing mostly casual clothes. I'll probably publish them mostly in Sunday Random category.

My current reading list. I started with Agatha Christie and I'm planning to read these books till the end of next week.

H&M Bella's Choice. I felt in love with this polish. It was long long time on my WL, so I'm very happy, that I finally got it. I used 2 coats. It was my base for manicure, I did for element water in Four Elements Challenge.

My current "sweet obsession". I love Smarties, when I start eating them, I just can't stop. Polish is H&M Bella's Choice.

My new nail polish remover. Before I was using only removers without aceton, but this one is much better. It removes nail polish pretty easy and it doesn't dry my cuticles. The only thing I don't like is the smell. It's too strong. I got it in Müller in Graz for 0,50 €.

 Once Upon A Time has become quickly my favourite show. I love everything connected with fairy tales. Yesterday I started with season 2. There are going to be long weeks waiting for new episodes. 

And one motivational quote for the end.

I hope, you'll like these kind of posts. How was your week?