Nails of the Week: It's Haloween

Tomorrow is Haloween and today I have for you 4 of my manicures, I wore on this theme since last week. I was thinking to do some more haloween nail arts, but I wasn't really in the haloween mood before, but this year I manage do to them more than last year, when I did only one. 

Spider Webs
I wanted to do spider webs with a twist, that's why I used blue and silver nail polish. Blue polish is Essence Cool and the Gang and silver is Essence Silver Surfer. Unfortunately this one is already thicker, because I have it for so long, so my lines are a bit thick and a bit thin. And my spiders looks like they would be drunk. :D But I wanted to do a bit different spider webs manicure like I did last year. From far it looked good. For spider eyes I used Essence Beauty On Tour.  

Bloody Vampire
Blood and vampires go perfectly together, so I had to use both motifes for one manicure. My boyfriend said that for him this is the best manicure I ever done. Well, I would disagree, because I could do it better, but I liked it. The color combination is great. Polishes I used are Essence Redvolution, H&M White and random black polish. It was very easy do to, although I'm not very happy with teeth. But blood looks great.

Crazy Pumpkins
I didn't know how to call those pumpkins otherwise. They do look a bit crazy. As a base I used Essence Walk On The Wild Side, then I sponged Essence BBC Orange Sunset over it and did eyes and mouths with Essence White Hype and a dotting tool. I was proud, this one succeeded me very well.   

Spooky Haloween
Haloween is tomorrow and I only had one manicure left. I didn't know, which motif to choose, so I did mix of few haloween motifes. On my pinky you can see spooky eyes, on ring finger I did Frankenstein's monster, on my middle finger I made my own version od enchanted house, on index finger is little sweet ghost and on my thumb I did Frankenstein's monster's scarfs. Polishes I used are Essence Jacob's Protection, Essence Lime Up, Essence White Hype, Catrice It's All I Can Blue, Bourjois Figue Chic, Essence Wall Of Fame and random black polish. This will be my manicure for tomorrow.

My favourite from all four is definitely the second, Bloody Vampire. Although I also like Frankenstein's monster from today's NOTD very much.

What do you girls think? Which one of those 4 do you like the most? What are you going to wear on your nails for Haloween?

15 komentarjev

  1. All of them look cool! I like the first one the most :)

  2. wow! Vse štiri so mi všeč, najbolj zadnja, Frankenstein izgleda fenomenalno!
    Zobje pri "vampirski" izgledajo super!! :) Tvoj fant ima dober okus :)
    Deja Zu

    1. Hvala. Tale Frankesteinova pošast je tudi meni zelo pri srcu. :)
      Moj fant že ve, kaj mu je všeč. :)

  3. decko je u pravu vampirski zubi su definitivno najbolji :D

  4. Vse 4 so res super! Se ne morem odločit za najljubšo. :)
    Jaz letos sploh nisem imela navdiha za halloweenske manikure, tako da se jih niti nisem lotila. Mogoče naslednje leto. :D

    1. Hvala. :)
      Ko je pomanjkanje časa, primanjkuje tudi navdiha. Lahko ap drugo leto naredimo kak haloween izziv. :)

  5. great mani`s. my favorites are frankenstain and the one with the teeth`s..

  6. Se strinjam s tvojim fantom, vampirska je res super <3