My Buys From Essence Class Of 2013

Today I have for you some swatches of my buys from Essence Class Of 2013 TE, that's available in our Müller's at the moment. I took one eyeshadow pen, blurple nail polish and hair elastics, which have cute boes, but I forgot to photograph them.

Want To Be My Freshman is a beige shimmery eyeshadow pen. I took it, because I think, it's going to be great for highlighting. It's also going to be good as a base for eyeshadows. The pigmentation of this pen is good as you can see on the photo. The curve line is made with one stroke.  When you apply this pen, you have to blend it immediatelly, beause when it drys, it's very hard to blend. I also suggest you to blend it with your fingers, it's easier to blend it that way. It contains 1,7 g of product and it costs 1,99 €.

Blues Of Being Cool is an amazing blurple shade, which my camera don't like, because it makes it look too blue. It has great formula and it's easy to apply. Here I used 2 coats. This nail polish contains 8 ml of product and it costs 1,99 €.

I made a little upgrade to this polish, because I didn't want to wear it alone. If you read my blog regular, then you probably remember you already saw something similar here. I kinda repeat myself, but this manicure it's so gorgeous and it's so easy to do. For dots I used Essence It's Peach Not Cherry, Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet and Essence Let's Get Lost

What do you think about this Essence TE collection? Are you planning to get anything from it?