My Buys From Essence Cherry Blossom Girl TE

This post should be publish few weeks ago, but then as you know my computer was broke and I though I lost all the photos, but in the end the service boy manage to save some of my photos. The photos, I made for Essence Cherry Blossom Girl TE review, were all saved, so I decided to post them. I know, this collection isn't available by us anymore (I don't know, if it will be available in DM, Tuš drugstore or Beauty World), but I know some countrys get some collections later, so maybe swatches will help someone. And I thought, if I already made those swatches and the photos were saved, I would publish them. I did spend some time with photographing and editing. 

Under A Cherry Tree

Asian Sensation

Its Peach Not Cherry

Under A Cherry Tree is a palette with four eyeshadows: orange, peachy, light grey and brown. Eyeshadows are quite good pigmented, easy to apply, blend and they don't crease. I'm very satisfied with this palette. It contains 5 g of product.

Asian Sensation is a blush, that has three colors in one: peachy, orange and mixed coraly one. I'm loving it, because it's good pigmented, easy to apply and blend and it looks good on cheaks. It's big, it contains 9 g of products. On the photo is mixed color first, then peachy and the orange one.

It's Peach Not Cherry lipstick pencil is a peachy matt pencil. I took it, because I was searching for peachy lip product and this color looked perfect, but I'm not satisfied with it. It's easy to apply, but it drys lips and it's creasing like crazy. My lips looks like I would have scurfs on lips, when I'm wearing it. It contains 1,7 gof products.

This collection had 4 polishes, but I took only 3, because the brown wasn't interesteing to me. These polishes have good pigmentation, some sre opaque in one thicker coat (Cherry Cherry Girl).

Fortune Cookie is a darker yellow shimmery shade. It's a bit thicker, so I had to be careful, that I didn't had too much polish on the brush, when I applied it, so the application was easier that way. I used 2 coats. 
It's Peach Not Cherry is a peachy creme shade. I didn't had any problems with application. I used 2 coats.
Cherry Cherry Girl is a hot coral creme shade. No problems with application here either. I used 2 coats.

What do you think about this collection? Did you get anything from it?