Mint comparison

Last week I published swatches of L'Oreal Perle de Jade and Mateja from Purple Glitters asked me to do a comparison between this polish and Essence You Belong To Me. I decided to add few similar shades to this comparison to see, how close they are. 

I compared:
China Glaze Aquadelic

I swatches all polishes except China Glaze. I put links to original swatches, if you want to check them.

I applied all polishes in 2 coats. Because this is colour comparison, I won't ramble about formula, application ... You Belong To Me and Perle de Jade are not very similar, YBTM has tiny shimmer and L'Oreal is a creme shade. Essence also has a blue hint to it, which makes him darker. The most similar to L'Oreal is Essence Chasing Waves, they're both the most bright and have creme finish. But Essence is a tiny bit greener (the difference is more visible in person), but they're close. Close enough to have only one in your stash.

I Like and You Belong To Me are teh polishes in this comparison I can call dupes, although I Like has more shimmer, but there are minimal differences. Unfortunately they're both discountinued.

Close up look to L'Oreal Paris and Essence Chasing Waves. As you can see, there are minimal differences, so they're not 100 % dupes. 

Close up look to requested comparison between L'Oreal Perle De Jade and Essence You Belong To Me. 

I hope, Mateja, this was helpful to you and also to other readers. I have few more mint and bright green shades, so you can expect another bigger comparison in the future.