Four Elements Challenge: Fire

Today I and few girls are starting with Four Element Challenge. You can read about the rules here. This is a nail art and/or a make up challenge, because I decided to challenge myself and do both on themes of four elements. The first task is fire

For the nails this task wasn't hard, because I had in mine for some time now, what I want do to. Well, I didn't do exactly as a wanted, but I like the final result pretty much. Even my BF noticed, that I have a fire on my nails without telling him, what I did, so I consider that as a good job. 

The polishes, I used, are: Essence My Sparkling Acrobat, Essence BBC Orange Sunset, Essence Fortune Cookie, Essence Cherry Cherry Girl and Catrice I Am A Lob-Star. This manicure was pretty easy to do. First I painted my nails with black. Then I used Catrice Im A Lob-Star to draw flames. I filled them with Essence BBC Orange Sunset. Then I draw few more flames with Essence Cherry Cherry Girl and I sponged Essence Fortune Cookie on my nail tips. In the end I added TC and my manicure was done.

It went a bit harder with make up. Today was not a good make up day for me. I had in mind what I want to do, but in the end everything went wrong and I had to remove the first look. This is a second look I made, so I didn't want to complicate with it again. I used red, yellow, orange and black color, because these colors mean fire to me. I also wanted to add false lashes, but I though that this would be too much for me today, because I'm still inexpert in applying them and I already removed one look before.

Product, I used:
* Eyes
 - Essence I Love Stage eyeshadow base
 - Beauty UK Earth Child palette
 - Sleek Curacao palette (Tequila Sunrise, Bloody Mary, Screwdriver, Expresso Martini)
 - Essence It's Up To You
 - Essence kajal pencil in Black
 - Essence Circus Circus My Sparkling Acrobat
 - Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Definition mascara
 - Essence kajal pencil in Eye Like for brows

* Face
 - Essence Tinted Mousturizer in Light Skin
 - Essence Compact Powder in Soft Beige 
 - Essence Forget It! 3 in 1 concealer
 - Essence Miami Roller Girl Dates On Skates blush

* Lips 
 - Catrice Lobster Love

Here is my full face. I just hate photographing myself. I look so strange on photos. I made them so many and I don't look normal not even on one. But I hope, this one shows good enough, how my full face looked.

I also did some posing. I think this kind of photos are fun to do, because then you have eye make up and nail art together on one photo. But today I'm more proud on nail art I did.

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