China Glaze Ick-A-Bod-Y

Today I have for you shorter post than I had lately. I showed you some Haloween manicures yesterday and for today I thought, why not to show you China Glaze Ick-A-Bod-Y. It's a polish, that was released in 2010 as a part of China Glaze Awakening Collection for Haloween and what better occasion to publish this swatch than today, when it's Haloween. 

I also have to mention, that today in Slovenia is a national holiday. We are celebrating a Reformation Day. In 1550 Primož Trubar wrote a first book in Slovenian language - Katekizem. Just so you know. :)

Ick-A-Bod-Y is a shade with a dark green jelly base and big orange glitter. It's actually very special and unique shade. I don't know, how it would look layered, but on its own it looks great. I used 3 coats. Maybe, if I would use another one, it would look better, but 3 are enough to cover the nail.

What are you doing today on Haloween? We don't celebrate it, so I'll stay at home and probably watch a movie. But I wish you all, who celebrate, a Happy Haloween.

Nails of the Week: It's Haloween

Tomorrow is Haloween and today I have for you 4 of my manicures, I wore on this theme since last week. I was thinking to do some more haloween nail arts, but I wasn't really in the haloween mood before, but this year I manage do to them more than last year, when I did only one. 

Spider Webs
I wanted to do spider webs with a twist, that's why I used blue and silver nail polish. Blue polish is Essence Cool and the Gang and silver is Essence Silver Surfer. Unfortunately this one is already thicker, because I have it for so long, so my lines are a bit thick and a bit thin. And my spiders looks like they would be drunk. :D But I wanted to do a bit different spider webs manicure like I did last year. From far it looked good. For spider eyes I used Essence Beauty On Tour.  

Bloody Vampire
Blood and vampires go perfectly together, so I had to use both motifes for one manicure. My boyfriend said that for him this is the best manicure I ever done. Well, I would disagree, because I could do it better, but I liked it. The color combination is great. Polishes I used are Essence Redvolution, H&M White and random black polish. It was very easy do to, although I'm not very happy with teeth. But blood looks great.

Crazy Pumpkins
I didn't know how to call those pumpkins otherwise. They do look a bit crazy. As a base I used Essence Walk On The Wild Side, then I sponged Essence BBC Orange Sunset over it and did eyes and mouths with Essence White Hype and a dotting tool. I was proud, this one succeeded me very well.   

Spooky Haloween
Haloween is tomorrow and I only had one manicure left. I didn't know, which motif to choose, so I did mix of few haloween motifes. On my pinky you can see spooky eyes, on ring finger I did Frankenstein's monster, on my middle finger I made my own version od enchanted house, on index finger is little sweet ghost and on my thumb I did Frankenstein's monster's scarfs. Polishes I used are Essence Jacob's Protection, Essence Lime Up, Essence White Hype, Catrice It's All I Can Blue, Bourjois Figue Chic, Essence Wall Of Fame and random black polish. This will be my manicure for tomorrow.

My favourite from all four is definitely the second, Bloody Vampire. Although I also like Frankenstein's monster from today's NOTD very much.

What do you girls think? Which one of those 4 do you like the most? What are you going to wear on your nails for Haloween?

Review and Swatches: Essence Breaking Dawn Part II TE

New Twilight movie means new limited edition by Essence. New collection is called like a movie - Breaking Dawn Part 2. It has few interesting products. I got 2 polishes, a blush and 2 pigments. 

Renesmee Red is a red matte blush. First I didn't want to buy it, but then I though I don't have any red blush in my stash yet, so I got it. And I do not regret. The blush is pretty good pigmented, but luckily is not too pigmented, so you can't apply too much on your cheeks. The formula is great, because it doesn't dust, when you're picking it up with a blush brush (like Dates On Skates blush does). The packaging contains 5,5 g and it costs 3,09 €.

I'm glad, that Essence came up with pigments for this collection and not mono eyeshadows or palettes again. I love their pigments - they're cheap and great quality. Unfortunately I was a bit disappointed by the colors, they looked more interesting on promo photos. The darkest 2 looked just to similar to me, so I left them in the store. I decided to took only 2: Alice Had a Vision - Again and A Piece Of Forever. Alice Had a Vision - Again is a dark purple shimmery pigment and A Piece Of Forever is a golden shimmery pigment with golden glitter. Alice pigment looked, like it has a bit strange formula, when I swatch it with my fingers, but when I applied it with the brush on my lids, it actually worked very great - it applied very nice and it was also easy to blend. A Piece Of Forever also isn't a bad pigment. I thought it would be great for highlighting the inner corner of my eye, but that's harder because of the glitter. But it'll be great for some special looks, to add a touch of golden glitter. One jar contains 2 g of pigment and it costs 2,69 €.

Here are swatches of both pigments and a blush on my hand, all made without a base. 

Let's go to the polishes. There are 4 polishes in this collection, but Edward's Love looks too similar to Hunt Me If You Can from last year's Vampire's Love TE collection and A Piece Of Love was not interesting to me. So I took only 2, but very very gorgeous shades Alice Had A Vision - Again and Jacob's Protection. Here are color drops from the bottles. One polish was 2,19 €.

Jacob's protection is amazing shade with very dark blue base and a lot of blue, purple and green glitter. It has thicker formula, so the application was not very easy, but this problem can be solved with thinner. I used 2 coats.

Alice Had a Vision - Again is a shade with dark purple base and purple, green and blue glitter. This one has better formula than Jacob's Protection, because it's not so thick and it was also easier to apply. Both polishes have the same brush as new Catrice polishes, which works great for me, but I know some of you girls don't like it. I used 2 coats. 

The lipstick from this collection looked pretty interesting, golden with a lot of shimmer. It would be great to layer it over another lipstick color, but I didn't get it, because I know I wouldn't use it a lot. But I thought that I can create similar effect with A Piece Of Forever pigment. I did an ombre effect on my lips. The lipstick I used was B.pretty Apricot, a vibrant orange shade. 

I had to test pigments on my lids immediately. I made dark purple (smoky) look. I used Alice Had a Vision - Again all over the lid. In my crease I used Essence Wild Craft Mystic Lilac eyeshadow. In inner corner and under my eyes I used a purple shade from Catrice Rumble in the Jungle palette. I applied A Piece Of Forever in the middle of the lid to add it a golden glow, but it's not very visible on the photos. Eyeliner is My Sparkling Acrobat from Circus Circus TE and on my waterline I used black liner from Catrice San Francisco palette. I used Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Definition mascara I always use lately. As an eyeshadow base I used Colour Arts eye base.

What do you think about Essence Breaking Down Part II collection? What are you planning to get from it or what did you get? 

Random Sunday #3

Hi, girls! How are you. My today's Sunday isn't very happy. This time of the month + snow = a bad combination for me. 

This is how it looked my view this morning. Luckily it stopped snowing and the snow melted after few hours, so I was more happy. I don't like snow. 

Few days ago I used Essence Cool and the Gang as my manicure and the polish formula became a bit odd, it had small blue particles in it. That's probably the consequence of not using it for more than a year. But I still love it.

Some numbers. On Wednesday I wrote my 5000th tweet. For a girl, that's know as a quite and not very talkative, specially when a lot of people are around, that's a lot.  

Last year I made one Haloween manicure and I pin it on Pinterest. To me it's nothing special, but people started repin it and like it like crazy. I'm not use to that big numbers on Pinterest.

This week Catrice Big City Life collection came in Slovenia. I was so excited, I found an untouched stand. Lucky me.

And here's what I got. I show this photo on FB as a sneak peek. You can read my review here, if you haven't yet. :)

And that happens, when you're afraid of spiders. While photographing swatches of San Francisco, one spider climbed into a sleeve of my hoodie and I got so afraid, that I drop everything out of my hands. Unfortunatelly the polish broke, but luckily I have a dupe - Catrice  Be Pool.

I manage to save some amount of polish, so I decided to do a franken. A had one white H&M polish, which was a half empty, so I pour San Francisco (or what was left of it) into H&M polish bottle and nice minty shade came out. It reminds me a lot on Essence You Belong To Me. Sorry for bad application, but the polish is thick. I had to add more thinner in it.

Big egg. What better cure to pms than maxi Kinder Egg. I'm loving those. I'm like a little kid, I'm so curious what's inside. Today I got sweet blue penguin. It's a pendant.

Essence Walk On The Wild Side. It's a base for today's manicure I did (which I'll show you in haloween post in 2 days). 

I had to publish one OOTD in this Random Sunday too. I love neon clothes and they're nice refreshment in those grey days. I feel good, nanananananana, in bright clothes. :)

Ris. *heart*

Link love:

*Deja showed us step by step, how to apply bold lipstick. I use only 2 steps, first I apply lipbalm, if my lips are dry, and then I apply lipstick. I think I'll have to start following all the steps Deja showed. (She actually published this on Sunday, but I read it after I published my post, so I decided to include it this week.)

*This week I discovered Thunder + Threads blog and while browsing I found this article. It was very inspirational for me to read it. At the moment I'm in situation, when I'm on crossroad and telling the truth, I have no idea what's going to happen with my life after I graduate, specially in those hard times, so it very nice to read such kind of posts.

* Mateja wrote post about her favourite products from drugstores. Definitely worth to check out, if you're a drugstore buyer like me and also if you're not. She mention a lot of great products. 

*Misslyn will release new limited edition collection in November and part of it will be duochrome eyeshadow(s). How amazing is that? You can see few swatches here.


Thanks for reading. I wish you all nice beginning of the weekend. :)

Recap: Four Elements Challenge

Today just a quick post to remind you on make up's and nail art's I did for Four Elements Challenge, in case you missed any. I really enjoyed doing this challenge, it was fun to do both make up and nail art on a certain theme. My favourite theme was fire, although I also like very much the make up, I did for the water task. I just love how blue looks on me.

Thanks to all the girls, who cooperated with me in this challenge. You all did a great job.

Review and Swatches: Catrice Big City Life (Paris and San Francisco)

Hi, girls! Today a have for you a very long post. I'm reviewing Catrice Big City Life collection. I was so excited about it, because I missed it last year, because only few shops in Slovenia had them and they weren't available near me. But this year they came to Müller and in the end I decided to get 2, although I had only one on my WL (I mean, how many palettes does a girl really need? :P).  

This limited edition collection has 3 palettes and 3 polishes, inspired by cities. This year they are San Francisco, Paris and Shanghai. I got Paris and San Francisco palette and San Francisco nail polish. The packaging is great, every palette and a nail polish has a pattern of the city on it, which in my opinion looks very nice. In the back of the palettes are instructions, how to use them. This is useful for all beginners in make up. Every palette also comes with a black liner (which I forgot to swatch, as I noticed by editing) and a brush. I usually don't use those brushes, so I can't tell you anything about it. The liner on the other hand is really nice, I used it on my waterline and it stayed quite long, longer than the Essence one I'm usually using. But I think the liner isn't waterproof, because I smudged it easly with a finger. Every palette has a magnet, so it's easy to open and to close. The only thing I don't like by packaging is, that a liner and a brush are in a deep hole and it's very hard to get them out. And before i forget to mention, these shadows and blushes have names. Eyeshadows in Catrice palettes usually don't have names and I love, when every single eyeshadow has it's own name.

San Francisco and Paris palettes

This is probably going to be the most poplar palette, because it has neutral shadows, which are perfect for every day use. It also has one peachy and one light red blush. 

* La Tour Eiffel - dark grey shimmery shade, great pigmented.
* Louvre - champagne shimmery shade, great pigmented.
* Sacre-Coeur - light brown shimmery shade, good pigmented.
* Seine - a bronzed-brown shimmery shade, great pigmented.
* Champs-Elysees - beige matt shade, bad pigmented.
* Notre-Dame - brown shimmery shade, good pigmented.

* Moulin Rouge - peachy shimmery blush, bad pigmented.
* Arc De Triomphe - light pink matt blush, good pigmented.

Here are the swatches on my hand. They are made without base.

San Francisco
This palette was on my WL, because I love blue colors and I love the green packaging. It also has some brown colors, great for everyday use, but the color combo isn't really my thing. I don't mix often blue and brown eyeshadows. The blushes are nice, one red and one peachy. 

* Fiherman's Wharf - petrol shimmery shade, good pigmented.
* Lombard Street - a greyish-blue shimmery shade, good pigmented.
* Alcatraz - dark brown shimmery shade, great pigmented.
* Transamerica Pyramid - beige matt shade, good pigmented.
* Coit Tower - light brown shade, bad pigmented.
* Sfmoma - light greyish-brown shade, good pigmented. 

* Golden Gate Brigade - red matt blush, good pigmented.
* Cable Car - peachy matt blush, so-so pigmented.

Here are the swatches of San Francisco palette. They are made without base. 

I usually apply eyeshadows while doing swatches with my fingers, so I decided to do a test with a brush for this review. Here you can actually better see the pigmentation of each eyeshadow. Specially brighter eyeshadows have worse pigmentation.

San Fransisco is an amazing green shimmery shade. It has the same brush as polishes in their regular line and to me is very easy application with this brush. I used 2 coats.

When I came home and look at the polish more carefully, it remembered me on some other polish. And I was right. It's very similar to Catrice Be Pool from Nyphelia LE collection. 

I applied 2 coats of each and I was surprised, that they look the same. Ok, if you have very attentive eye, you can notice, that San Francisco has more greenish hint to it and Be Pool has more blueish hint to it, but that is a very small difference, barely noticeable.  

I'm very happy to get my hands on these palettes. Well, I wish some blushes and eyeshadows would be more pigmented, but otherwise these are not bad palettes. The Paris palette has perfect colors for nude and everyday make up looks. I wish San Francisco would have one or two more blue shadows. The color combination are not the ones, I would often use to make an eye look. Eyeshadows are creamy, easy to apply and nice to blend. I tested on my lids only eyeshadows from San Francisco palette and they did a good job. They didn't creased, they only faded a bit after 7 hours.

When it comes to polishes, I recommend them, if you like the colors. But if you already have Be Pool from Catrice, you probably don't need San Francisco too (at least if you adore this color and you're afraid to run it out). If you had Be Pool on your WL and you didn't get it, then San Franscisco is a must-have for you.

In the palette you get 6 eyeshadows (each 1,5 g), 2 blushes (each 2,5 g), 1 eye pencil (0,28 g) and a brush. The palette cost 8,29 € in Müller, so I think this is a great price for everything together. The bottle of polish contains 10 ml of product and it costs 2,69 € in Müller.

What do you think about this collection? What do you want to get prom it or what did you get?