Three Challenge Favourite Song

Another post today, because I own you a manicure for Three challenge. I finished first part and came to the second part - favourites. First task in this part and fourth task in Three challenge is favourite song. I actually don't have favourite song at the moment, so I went with a song, that I listen a lot lately. It's Back In Time from Pitbull.

Because a song is featured in Men In Black III movie, I decided to go with this theme. On my index finger I draw sunglasses, on middle finger tuxedo with bow tie, on ring finger tuxedo with tie and on my pinkie an abbreviation MIB.

I used Essence My Sparling Acrobat, Essence White Hype, Vollare 117 in 136. Sunglasses didn't succeed the best and I smudged a manicure with TC, but I like it very much and I'm very satisfied with it.  

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