Three Challenge - Ultra Modern

As promised, here is a second manicure for "Three" nail challenge. This time the theme was ultra modern. I always connected the word "modern" with big citys and skyscrapers, so I decided to do a city in the night. I planned to do this manicure for a long time and this challenge was perfect to try it.

Polishes, I used, are: Catrice It Blue My Mind, Catrice Lucky In Lilac, H&M Pure White, Bpretty Yellow and random black polish. Manicure was very easy to do. First I applied Catrice IBMM and then I sponged Catrice LIL on the two thirds of my nails. Then I draw buildings with black polish and windows with white and yellow. I used the white under the yellow, so the yellow stands out more on the black.  
I like very much, how this manicure looks. Ok, on photos every single mistake is visible, but in RL you have to have a good eye to see them. I think it looks amazing on my short nails.

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What do you think, girls? Do you like it?