Three Challenge Favourite Emotion

Just a quick post to show you, what I did for next task in Three challenge. This time the theme was favourite emotion. I choosed happiness. I knew from the beginning, that I'm going to choose this emotion, because it's the best emotion, it makes me feel the best and it's connected with a lot of different stuff.

I used Essence Cherry Cherry Girl, Essence Fortune Cookie, Vollare 117 and 136. I draw smileys, because a smile shows your happiness the best and two hearts, because my boyfriend is the person, who makes me happy the most and happiness means love to me too. 
I was using two Vollare nail art poloshes, that are pretty thick, so the lines are thick and thin and uneven. This manicure is far from perfect, but I like it that way.

Here you can check the blogs from other girls, that are participating and what did they do till now:

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