Three Challenge Favourite Book

Another day, another post with manicure for Three Challenge. This time the theme is favourite book. I don't have all time favourite book. I actually have favourite authors and from them I usually have favourite book, but there are so many of them. I went through books, I have on my shelf in my room and I decided to do a manicure, inspired by Agatha Christie books and my all time favourite detective Hercule Poirot.

Moustache and intellect are two things, that caratherize him. The phrase in Slovenian is "male sive celice" (little grey cells) for someone, who is very smart. I don't know, how the phrase is in English. This is the reason, I chose grey as a base. I used Essence Skyscraper. Then I used Essence Black Out to draw a moustache. They don't really look like a moustache, but I wasn't in the mood to re-do them, because I already messed some nail art before and I had enough. Today was not my best day for nail art. But I like this manicure, it looks like a french with a twist.

And here is my manicure with some of the books, I have from Agatha Christie. 

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