Some news + First Manicure For Three Challenge (Antique)

Hi, girls! Did you miss me? I had some break from blogging, but now I'm back and I'll publish new posts regular. In this post I told you, what happened to my computer. Well, the computer is now fine, but because of everything, what happened and because I had few obligations for my faculty I decided to take a brake from blogging. 
So, let me explain you a bit about my computer. In the end the problem was with hardware. I had it divided on C and D. Everything what was on D, tehnician manage to save, but C disk was damaged. That means everythig was lost. But after few days, when he repaired my computer, he said that he managed to save some files from disk C. Most of them were photos. He saved them on my computer and as I went through them a bit, few of unpublished photos are saved. But some are damaged and can not be open. That means that at least some of my work was saved. I'll go through all photos and those, that will be ok, I'll edit and publish them next week. I hope you won't mind, if I'll publish some LE's so late.

I also told you some time ago, that I'm joining the "Three" challenge, created by Mateji ustvarjata. Other girls already published their seventh manicure, if I'm not mistaken, but I'll publish my manicures every day from now on, so I'll finish the challenge till the end of the month. As you can notice, my nails are very short at the moment. Stress and everything worked bad on me, but I hope that they will get stronger and longer now, when everything is over.

The first theme was antique. I had in mind a parchament, that is burned around the edges with feather pen. This is my kind of way to recreate writers in the Middle Ages. The idea in my head was much better than on my nails. I didn't do any nail art for abouth a month, so I need some time to get back in shape. Plus the feather was to long for my short nails. Maybe I'll reacreate this on my long nails to see, if it will turn out better.

Polishes, I used for this challenge, are: H&M White, Manhattan 29Z, Essence Colour and Change Kind Of Magic and Essence Jungle Drum

Here you can check the blogs from other girls, that are participating and what did they do till now:
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