Review and Swatches: Essence Wild Craft TE

Today I have for you swatches of products, I got from Essence Wild Craft TE. It was available last week in Müller. I'm sorry if I'm a bit late with this, but I didn't had time before to make swatches and publish them. I got 2 eyeshadow, one polish and of course a brush. 

There were 3 eyeshadows in this collection, but I decided to skip the lightest one, because it didn't interest me. I got Mystic Lilac, which is a deep dark purple shimmery shade, and Out Of The Forest, which is dark green olive shimmery shade. They're both nice pigmented, easy to apply and also easy to blend. I was wearing a look with them for almost 10 hours and they didn't crease. They faded a bit, but I think that happens with all eyeshadows after 10 hours. One eyehsadow contains 3 g of product and it costs 1,99 €.

The next is duo brush. One part is powder brush and second one is eyeshadow brush. I can't say much about it, I didn't really test it as I should for this review. The brush part is nice, it has soft bristles and it's not hard to work with it. It smaller than Essence regular powder brush. It's also less bushy. 

Eyeshadow brush is very interesting. It's wide and it has small bristles. I tried to apply eyeshadow with it, but for me it didn't work very good. I mean, it transfered eyeshadow pretty nice on the lid, but it's too wide, so I had eyeshadow also where I didn't want to had it (in my crease). But I've heard, that the girls are using it for concealer and it's great, so I have to try it for that. Although I'll probably use it to deepen the eyeshadow in my crease or something similar. Here you can see it in comparison with Essence eyeshadow brush from their regular assortment. The brush was 3,59 €.

I took only one nail polish, because other didn't interest me, but I have to admit, that this one dissapointed me, when I applied it on my nails. In the bottle the color is very nice purple, but on the nails it's a chameleon. If a look it from close, it looks purple. If I look it from far, it looks brown. In the sun it looks something in the middle between purple and brown. I don't feel good with this color on my nails, so I won't wear it again. The application was so so. It's a bit thicker, so I had to have little polish on the brush to apply it nice. I used 2 coats. The polish contains 10 ml and it costs 1,99 €.

What do you think about this TE? Did you get anything from it?