Giveaway Winner and Four Elements Challenge

Hi, girls. I choosed a winner of my giveaway yesterday. It's Mateja D from Mateji ustvarjata. Congrats, girl. I'm so happy for her. Finally on my blog won my giveaway someone, who really reads my blog, writes comments and it's not here only because of the prize. I already send her an email and she answered, so she will get her prize ASAP. Congratulation again. :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The next thing is a new challenge. I decided to challenge myself in October with doing nail art and a make up on the theme of four elements. It's going to be really really challenging, specially because I'm not that good in make up.

The tasks are:
1. Fire on 4. October
2. Water on 11. October
3. Air on 18. October
4. Earth on 25. October

This is a nail art and/or make up challenge, which means, that you can do one of these (nail art or make up) or both (nail art and make up), if you want to challenge yourself a bit more. I decided to do one task a week, so everyone will have more time to get the idea, what to do for certain task. Tehniques, colors ... is your choise. You can do free-hand nail art, stamp, you can use sticker ... If you decided to do a make up and you're a bit more shy and don't want to show a whole face, it's not obligatory. You can do only eye make up or only lips, you can also do a whole face, it's your choise. Everything is in your hands. The only obligatory thing is, that the make up and the nail art have to be made on a theme of a certain task.

If you decided to join, you can use the photo and publish it in you're post, Twitter, Facebook ... I would really appreciate, if you would share this challenge. :)

I made a special page for this challenge, so you can go there and ask me, if anything else interests you or if I forgot to mention something. You can also write there, if you want to join to this challenge. You can also comment under this post. If you decided to join, please leave a blog URL in a comment below or here. I will made a list of all participants.

If something interests you, feel free to aks. So, will you join or you think, this is a hard challenge?