Blue Sparkly Make Up Look

Hi, girls? How are you? Yesterday I passed my exam and now I can finally take some time and write a blog post. I wanted to write a post yesterday, but when I came home, my computer didn't work. It just didn't turned on. I was freaking out, because I had everything on my computer - documents for faculty, personal photos, photos for blog ... The bad thing was, that I had a lot of material for my blog, for about 20 posts. I though I lost everything. But then my BF and I take it to the computer service and they said, that the disk is fine, that the problems is in other thing, so I was relief. I'm using my notebook at the moment, because the computer is still on service. I hope, I will get at least my files soon back, even if the computer won't be fixed. I still need to do one terminal paper before finishing everything and of course I don't won't to loose my photos for blog, because I invested so many time in photographing and editing. I would be really sad, if everything would be for nothing.

I had this look on my camera, so I decided to publish that today. I was planning to publish it next week, but since I don't have other material edited ATM, it's now its turn. I was doing this look on Sunday, because I felt, that I need to do make up before going to study. Sometimes I just feel better with make up on. I wasn't planning what to do,  I was just doing something, but in the end I liked it so much, that I had to show it to you. But unfortunatelly photographing make up isn't my best skill. This looked so much better in RL. And I also wanted to show you my whole face, but photos weren't very successful, so just my eyes for you.

I used:
- Essence Colour Arts eyeshadow base
- Misslyn Cornflower liner 
- She 35
- Catrice Take It Mint pigment
- Catrice Take It Mint liner
- Alverde Vanilla eyeshadow
- She glitter eyeliner
- Essence Ready For Boarding yellow eyeshadow
- Essence I Love Extreme mascara

This is definitely one noticeable look. I probably wouldn't wear it on a daily basis to faculty or similar, but if I would go shopping I would feel good in public with this look. I always prefered vidid and colorful looks that natural ones. 

Probably tomorrow I'm back with swatches of product I bought from Essence Wild Craft TE. I made them today, I just have to edit them. And as you're going to notice, my nails are in very very bad shape. They're short and they constantly brake. Maybe it's the stress, but until they don't grow back to normal and nice lenght, I probably won't start with "Three" nail challenge, so that means, I'm probably going to do it in October. I still have to arrange few things for my faculty, so I'll be for some time in Ljubljana, where I won't have a lot of polishes and in the end of the month I'm moving home for Ljubljana. I'm kinda sad because of that, I spend 5 beautiful years there. Well, I'll see, how it's going to be with challenge. I'm kinda angry at my nails, because I already have ideas, what do for first few tasks. And btw, don't forget to enter my 700+ Followers giveaway.

What do you think about this look? Do you like it? Would you wear something like this in public?