Review: Essence Plates

Essence released few new plates some time ago and today I'm going to tell you my opinion about them. I won't write names of the plates, because they all have the same name. Swatches of images are made on white paper with Essence Stamp Me! Black.

First plate has few small images and one big. I really like the bow and the owl on this plate. This plate is pretty good, all the images transfer very nice.

The next plate has small images. I love this one. It has icecrem, cookie, umbrella, mushroom. You can do many amazing manicures with it. This plate is also pretty good, all the images transfer very nice.

The next plate has 8 small images and one for french manicure. I specially love blotch here. And I heart Paris. It's nice plate, all the images transfer nice. I only had few problems with the last image - a pacman. First time I stamped it, it didn't transfered nice, but the second one it did. I don't know if the problems was, that I scrabbed to much nail polish from plate the first time.  

The last one has few small images, few for french manicure and few big images. This is a plate, I had the most problems with. Some images transfer very nice and some just don't. I had problems with the middle image - circles. I stampad it few times, but I just couldn't get a whole image on a paper. The same problem a had with the last image - it was never stamped a whole on a paper. From this plate I'll probably use only stars and a leopard print, although I prefer hand-made nail art for leopard print.

Did you get any of these new Essence plates? What do you think about them?