Review and Swatches: Essence Colour Arts/Pigments

Today I have for you swatches and review of Essence Colour Arts TE/Pigments. Colour Arts was a preview of pigments, that are already available in our stores. This TE had 15 pigments, but there are 20 pigments in a whole collection. For the beginning I decided to try 5 pigments, an eyeshadow and a nail polish base. 

I got pigments in 02 Smeell The Caramel, 14 Strawberry Smoothie, 07 Safety First, 19 Kiss The Frog and 18 Little Mermaid. 

The first row are swatches over Colour Arts eyshadow base (the swatch of it is also on the right) and the second row are swatches without base. I applied them with my fingers. As you can see, they're amazingly pigmented. In the second row they were easy to blend, because I didn't use eyeshadow base. Over eyeshadow base I had to dab them on my hand (that's usually the way to apply pigments), because blending was impossible. I didn't try them with any other base.

The eyeshadow base is white in the tube, but after appying it on the lid it drys transparent. Pigments are easy to apply with brush over it (just blending is hardly). And they last pretty long. I was wearing make up with them for 12 hours and they didn't crease. They just faded a bit, but make up was still strong and visible enough. But it's true, that my lids are normal, not oily. I don't know, how it's going to work with oily lids. I actually applied once a cream on my lids and then a base over it and pigments start creasing, because everything was very greasy. I hope the girls, that have oily lids, will tell you, how it works for them.

The nail polish base is transparent in a bottle. Essence advise you 2 ways, how to use it:
Effect 1: Distribute some pigments on paper, collect them with the brush of the nail base and varnish the nails. 
Effect 2:  Directly dap pigments on the natural nail and seal them with the nail base. Clean the brush with a cloth. 

On the photo below is my first try with pigments and a nail base. Ring finger is effect 2 and middle finger effect 1. Effect 1 worked pretty good, although the mixture dryed very fast (maybe, because it was hot outside). The effect 2 didn't work for me. Maybe I did something wrong, I don't know, but dabbing a pigment on a nail and then applying a nail base isn't very easy, because first you can't apply a lot of pigments and second pigments don't stay on its place on the nail. And the second way is much more messy than the first one.

I also tried to mix some pigments in a nail base to see, if you can make frankens with it, but the answer is no. As you can see, pigments are heavy and they dip in the bottom of the bottle.

I made a swatch of the mixure I did with Kiss The Frog. That was very nice shade, but it was very sheer. I think I used 4 coats here (it was also a bit hard to apply because of the brush I used. It was small). 

I also made few looks with pigments. I have only 2 for you, because I photographed only these 2. Both are made over Colour Arts base.

First look is made with Safety First over my lid, Smell The Caramel in my crease and Strawberry Smoothie in my outer V and under my eyes. The pigments are pretty intensive and they really pop out.

With second look I used Strawberry Smoothie over my lid, Safety First in my crease, Kiss The Frog on my browbone and Little Mermaid under my eyes. 

- pigments 2,69 for 1,8 g
- nail base 1,69 for 8 ml
- eyeshadow base 1,99 € for 7,3 ml

What do you think about Colour Arts TE/pigments? Will you get anything from it? Will you use pigments mostly for nails, make up or lips?