Review and Swatches: Catrice Cucuba TE

Last Friday I found untouched display of new Catrice limited edition, called Cucuba. From this LE I was planning to get mint eyeliner and a polish or two, but then pigments catched my eyes and I got 2 of them.

I got pigment in Havana Drum and Take It Mint color. Havana Drum is a golden brown pigment and Take It Mint is a minty pigment. These two have very nice pigmentation. There was a bit fall out, when I was applying them on my lids, but not too much. I applied them dry with the brush. I was pressing them on my lids. If you blend them, then the color fades and it's barely visible. I made swatches without make up base.

Take It Mint is a minty shimmery liquid eyeliner, quite sheer, when you apply it, so you have to apply it in two coats. It has amazing thin brush, that allows you do do thin or thich lines. Although it's a bit sheer, I love it. 

Take It Mint is a mint creme shade. I didn't had problems with application. I used 2 coats. I compared it with some other bright greens I have, but there aren't any dupes.

Sunny Side is an orange shade with golden shimmer. Application was good and I used 2 coats. I adore this polish, it's such a great shade to wear it now. There is the same shade in their regular assortment, just without shimmer, but I liked this one more. I think the shimmer makes it special.

- pigments: 3,09 € for 2g of products
- liquid eyeliner: 3,09 € for 3,2 ml of product
- nail polish: 2,69 € for 10 ml of product

What do you think about this limited edition? What will you get or did you get from it?